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11 June, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Medication Near You

Have one of these scenarios ever happen to you?

- You have medications to collect at the hospital every month but it is very far away?
- You go for check-up at the clinic near your home but it is more convenient to collect your medication near you workplace?
- You are planning to stay with your son/ daughter in another city over the festive season?

If you have been struggling with the inconvenience of collecting your medication, there is a solution for you! Introducing the Sistem Pendispensan Ubat Bersepadu, or in short SPUB, a Value Added Service (VAS) offered by almost every government healthcare facility in Malaysia. It may sound like a new service when I put it this way, however this service has been implemented since 2003, making it almost 12 years old already. The key feature of this service is that it brings your medication closer to you

I have seen many instances where orang asli and other farm workers who stay very far away from the nearest hospital find the need to travel there monthly to collect their medications before they found out about SPUB. Imagine the amount of time and effort they could have saved by just collecting their medications at a nearby health clinic instead. If you have been experiencing similar troubles, you should try it out too...

Step 1: Where?
The most important thing to remember is to tell your pharmacist where you want to collect your medications next month and subsequent months. If you are unsure, you can always enquire with your pharmacist to find the most convenient facility to collect your medications. Your medications will then be delivered to your selected facility for subsequent collection. Please note that once you have selected your destination, you should try not to collect your medication at another facility because they will only give you a week supply if they have your medication in stock. So it is best to be sure of your desired destination to get the most out of this service.

Step 2: How?
Another important thing to remember is to register for this service when collecting your medications. This is a step that many of my patients forget because they assume the pharmacy knows where they want to go next. The registration for SPUB is actually very simple. After you tell your pharmacist where your desired destination is, he/she will fill a simple form for you and put a red stamp on your prescription to indicate that your prescription has been validated. When collecting your subsequent supply, simply show them the red stamp and you will be supplied with your medications.

Step 3: When?
As usual most medications will be supplied on a monthly basis and SPUB is no exception. The pharmacist who has dispense the medications to you will inform you the date to collect your subsequent supplies. One thing to note is that delivering your medications to your desired destination may take some time but we guarantee that they will be ready to be collected at the informed date.

With these 3 simple steps, you will be saving yourselves so much precious time and money instead of spending them on the road and traffic jams. You will also be less likely to run out of medications and even if you do, your solution is just a stone throw away, If you think this service is useful, do SHARE it with your friends and family, you will be doing them a favour.


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