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26 October, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: The Journey To Perfection

Recently, I have faced many obstacles in life. This is partly because of my commitments to too many subjects in school and my personal issues. As a science student in a competative secondary school, I have to face ten subjects that may not be my favourite but it is still acceptable to me. I also have an additional subject that I have been learning as a n extra-curricular subject which is Accounting Principals. Furthermore, I have another subject that even lesser students study, Piano.

Perfection to me was not much of a meaningful word before as it is now. Compared to ather Accounting and Art students, we science students have so much more stress because there are three genres of science to be studied in detail compared to the general science studied by the two other groups. As an exception to the rest of the science students, I am also taking one of the subjects taken by Accounting students. This abnormal combination forces me to remember even more principals in addition to the difficult scientific principals. Fortunatesly my music is just a practical piano examination. At a Grade 7 standard, passing the test is not as easy as just playing piano with a finger. There are many other important aspects that require my deepest concern. All this includes rapid notes reading, coordinationof hands and legs, hardness of touch and feeling the flow of the music. These points may sound like a simple skill as a music student for more than ten years but I can only say that only a music student will know the difficulty. Every small mistake, forexample, a flat forgotten in the song, slower paddling or even an accidental loud ofr soft note can cause the sound to be distorted and make me fail my examination.

The stress for me in the next few months will be very heavy to bare. My piano examination will be on in a month time and the most important examination in my life, the SPM or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia will be on in 113 days which happens to be my birthday. The heavy bag of rocks I have been carrying has been continuously increasing in weight as time passes. I am not sure how long I can face my fears on the journey to perfection. I have been having happydreams that show my exceptionally good results as well as nightmares where I do not get any good results and getting scoldings from my parents who hope for more.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Perfection means faultless. But to me, Perfection is an unreachable target that many people try their best to reach. As my footsteps leave traces of my determination, I am sure that that step took me another step towards my quest investigating on the MYSTERY OF THE UNKNOWN.


This post was supposedly posted on 1/8/07, but I did not have the time to type it at that time. So it is only published on 26/10/07. Sorry.

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