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26 October, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: Am I Who I Want Myself To Be?

I want to be
A person with feeling and touch
Although it might not be much
I'm not a butch
I try not to hold my grudge
So I would be who I want myself to be.

I want to be
Someone who is knowledgeable
Know how to cook, clean and cut vegetable
Not waiteing for dinner at the table
I try to make my food eible
So I would be who I want myself to be.

I want to be
A person who is versatile
Anything could be my style
Table always has a pile
I still think that I'm a child
So I would be who I want myself to be.

I want to be
A person who knows everything in his hand
Lucky my house has broadband
Television and newspapers also can
Too bad I'm not Superman
So I just be a normal man.

I want to be
Someone who knows some music
I don't make a moose sick
At least know some basic
Just don't like the classic
So I play the piano a little bit.

I want to be
A man who lives a simple life
Not as big as Oprah's hive
Maybe have a beautiful wife
Enough money to survive
So much fun when I'm alive.

This six parts of six line writing signifies the qualities I want myself to be at the moment. Of course these specifications are subjected to changes. For now, I am not the person I want myself to be yet. I will slowly look onto life to find my interest in life. But I am sure that every step took me towards my quest investigating on the MYSTERY OF THE UNKNOWN.


This post was supposedly posted on 18/10/07, but I did not have the time to finish this post at that time. So it is only published on 26/10/07. Sorry.

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