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06 December, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: Lifelike

Life is like a tunnel with doors
Each door leads to another part of life
A foolish person will worry about the closed door behind him
A wise person will continue to open the next door

Life is like wet clay
Each touch we make determines the shape of it
A foolish person will let the potter's wheel spin alone
A wise person will make a vase out of it

Life is like a beach
Each wave washes shells in but washes sand away
A foolish person will collect the shells and let the sand be swept away
A wise person will build a parapet to protect the sand while collecting shells

Life is like an orchard of durian trees
Each durian falls when it ripens
A foolish person will wait under the tree to collect the fruits
A wise person will place baskets and continue to do other things

Life is like a beggar's can
Each coin brings meals for the day
A foolish person will shake the can making noise
A wise person will collect slowly and silently

Life is like an explosive
Each wire is a chance to diffuse it
A foolish person will worry about the passing time
A wise person will take the chance and cut any wire

Life is like a flood
Each casualty is given a canoe
A foolish person will stay at his house mourning his loss
A wise person will leave and start building another elsewhere

Life is like a restaurant
Each dish ordered will determine the meal served
A foolish person will ask for a menu and recommendation
A wise person will order and be ready to eat whatever is served

Although it is said by Forrest Gump that
'Life is like a box of chocolates
you never know what you're gonna get',
a person can actually determine his/her future by manipulating his/her decisions in life. Try your best to figure out the hidden meaning in every simile above. This will give you a better view of my point of life in the quest towards the Mystery Of The Unknown.


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