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24 June, 2009

Uni-2-disaster Week 1.5 Report

For the past few days, I have been going through a totally different phenomenon compared to semester 1. If you have been reading Uni-disaster, you would know that the whole semester has essential stereotypes, for example, lunch group is less than 10, long lecture hours and lots of practicals. But for this semester, the lunch group number increased 2 fold, large lecture spreads, projects sprouting and most of all, only 4 practicals (which means less reports to write!!!).

It is really hard to get used to these "strange happenings" but with humor, laughter has been and ever will be the best medicine. Like a new segment in a TV show, CV created a craze for charade that is hilarious by making us guess songs and movies from her convincing actions. Today, I've just watched the newest movie in the market, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is always nice to watch a movie on the day it officially opens and I can't believe I did it twice this year so far, the first was Star Trek. As a movie, it amazes viewers. As a Sci-Fi movie, it exhibits lots of CGI movement. As a big Sci-Fi movie, it is true to it's definition. To sum it up, only a simple 2 syllable word can describe it, PERFECT!!!

lalanandaFRY 24/6/09

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