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07 July, 2009

Uni-2-disaster Week 2+3 Report

Despite having extra time from the more relaxing semester, I have been occupying myself with several un-beneficial stuff. But recently in uni, we were divided in many groups depending on subjects and were given projects and assignments to be done together. For BM, there is this long karangan, for English, there is a presentation of advertisement, for Physiology, there is this Cardiovascular thingy and an unknown project for statistics.

But academic does not rule my body as much as the spiritual part. Nothing feels better than getting my religious knowledge to good use again. Just a few days ago, I've attended the 4th Ehipassiko Leadership Camp with little to no knowledge about IMU Buddhist Society. Mar-Jie, Jaa Ming and Lee Wun was also there. I know I've not really attended many camps but for a Buddhist camp, this is the one that changes my perception of camps. Throughout my life so far, I've attended only 5 camps, 2 D2YCs, 1 Scouts camp, 1 Meditation camp and this one. Amongst all of them, the Ehipassiko camp and the meditation camp was the most comfortable ones since they don't involve much sweat and muscle aches.

4th Ehipassiko Camp Group Photo

This camp is more about leadership skills as the name suggests. I surely had lots of fun there. If you want to know more, please go to IMU Buddhist Society's new blog to see read the other article I wrote.

English presentation is tomorrow for our restaurant named HanZ, the Dim Sum & Dessert specialist. Hopefully everything goes on well...

The Most Elegant Symbol for HanZ by Siu Theng
Be ready to view our advertisement and GET HUNGRY


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