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18 September, 2009

Uni-2-disaster week 14 report

Wow!!! it has been more than 2 months since this blog is dead. I have been so lazy and busy** with all my assignments and Buddhist Society's stuff that there was not a single movement in this blog till now!!!

I don't have much to say actually. Being Buddhist Society's Newsletter Manager looks easy, sounds easy, but... it isn't easy to me. I'm not complaining at all, in fact I'm very very greatful to be chosen to serve the Buddha Sasana and to bring Buddhism to more people. So far the IMUBS team are working very well and getting overwhelming response from new and also senior members. As a relatively new member myself, I feel a sudden wake up call has rang in the society. I wouldn't know whether it is a usual response every year, but what I can say is, I'm contented already. As Newsletter manager, I have created 2 issues with a style very different from that of my predecessor, hopefully everyone likes it. I've also created the IMU Buddhist Society blog which takes a larger step to increase circulation than the dying/dead Friendster account.

As semester 2 is ending, despite only having 2 posts talking about it, I would not be saying much. EoS has only 2 subjects, 2 big and extremely technical subjects. But with 2.5 weeks to study, I can't complain about anything. I just gotta get all my notes, find a nice spot in IMU's freezing library, and snooze on the books with hopes that the vast knowledge can diffuse into my head. yup! That was a joke by Prof PP when I entered semester 2. I just can't wait for the 4.00pm of 6 October, the time when semester 2 truly ends.

That does not mean that holidays have started, at least not for me. Preparations for our juniors, specifically the P110's orientation has started and as part of the video team, I would have to be starting work on the stuff for our juniors. I expect it to be fun all the way for everyone or at least for me *I kinda like making videos*. ***For those in the P110 orientation BOD who have a video camera, camcorder or anything equivalent, can you spare it for our shooting? Thnx***

By the way, I came across a very nice video from Youtube with a bunch of guys singing a medley of Michael Jackson's famous songs remixed. I has a mixture of The Way You Me Feel, ABC, I'll Be There, Man In The Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Thriller and Beat It. Enjoy it!!!

Before I go, I'll like to wish all Muslims in the World, "Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri!" Enjoy your holiday if you have it!!!

lalanandaFRY 19/9/09

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