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03 November, 2009

Uni-2-disaster SUM.Up

This must be the longest time I didn't update my blog already. I have been so busy updating the Buddhist Society's blog and also busy watching shows during the holiday that this blog has just been one of the least updated blog of P109 :-( . It is quite obvious that this semester is much like the last semester, except for the shorter classes, lesser practicals and 2 languages to study. However, life does not get easier here. On the contrary, other subjects got more difficult, notably Physio and Bioscience.

Good news is that I've passed all the assessments. Bad news is that Sem 3 is coming. So what do you think I have been doing throughout the holidays? Youtube has my best friend. Around the beginning of the holidays, I've visited Youtube and out of curiosity, I clicked on the "Recommended for You" section and guess what I saw? 吳宗憲's 憲在不準笑 of 齊天大聖. That show is really really funny and yet they force the contestants to hold their laughter. I thought it was quite easy, but like they say, you wouldn't know until you get it. The videos I watched were quite old for Youtube, some from 2006 and 2007. But jokes are still jokes, as long they are funny, who cares?

I have also found some cold jokes (冷笑话) from his shows:

1. 如何把林依晨的名字融入一段句子?


2. 那种动物是可以贴在墙上的?


3. 数学题:小白 + 小白 = ?


4. 哪一个卡通人物最爱帮人?


I know they aren't funny at all, thats why they call it cold jokes.

Darkness Is ARound You

Just a couple days ago, I suddenly remembered that it is the last week of the semester break and as promised, my junior's orientation video shooting was supposed to start. I have done all essential plannings for the introduction video and borrowed a video camera from Jo Lene. **Thank You Very Much** I've even SMSed everyone involved about the shooting! But things didn't work out as planned *haiz...* Since many weren't free, we had to postpone the shooting to Sem3.

I almost forget about my role in the Buddhist Society already! I was placed in-charge of the last 2 Friday Gatherings of the semester. I had lots of fun preparing those sessions at home and taking my time in searching for materials. For my first gathering, I utilised the game we played during the 4th Ehipassiko Camp conducted by Bro. Mui Han. I changed the rules slightly for the theme of Harmony. My second gathering was rather simple since it was the last gathering for the semester. I made a short 5 minute video showcasing the past activities organized by the society. I've also prepared a simple powerpoint presentation of several coming activities of the society. I think activities for next semester will be worth anticipating, so stay tuned.

I don't think I've anything else to say here... Sayonara!

lalanandaFRY 4/11/09

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