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29 November, 2009

Uni-3-disaster week 3 report

I'll be graduating from university months before the End of the World!!! I got that from the 2012 movie since my course ends then. Just got to watch it in GSC Midvalley last Friday for free since GSC was giving out free tickets during the birthday month.

Ivan and I took the LRT+KTM route there at noon and planned to watch the 2pm movie after lunch. When we reached the GSC queue, 2pm was filled. So we tried to change the plan a little but as we were approaching the counter, the 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm and 5.15pm were all filled. We were totally freaked out at that time since we already planned to return home before dinner time. We finally decided to take the 6.15pm show which only had a few seats left.

We went to Carl's Jr. for lunch and talked for a long time as we had time to kill. Suddenly the GSC external speaker reports that all 2012 screens for the day were sold out when it was only 2pm. After eating, we walked around Midvalley until about 6pm when we entered the cinema.

The movie was great, huge, and loooonnnggg! I mean, it doesn't seem long when you are enjoying it, but when you exit the cinema and look at your watch. Gosh! 158 minutes? No wonder my large popcorn pack finished before the mid-section of the movie... But honestly, the movie is very eventful and exciting that I don't mine watching it again. Totally worth it even I had to pay to watch!!!

This is California in the movie, or at least what is left of it!

This should be the shortest week I had in IMU, only 3 days of lectures. We had a lab session for Microbiology and another supposedly practical session fixing match stick looking structures to form amino acids. The Microbiology practical was quite simple as we were introduced to the Gram staining technique to view different bacteria clearly and to identify whether they are Gram+ or Gram-.

this is Staphylococcus aureus, which is Gram+. They appear blue after staining.

and this is Escherichia coli, a Gram- bacteria which appears red after staining.

During the second practical, we were supposed to build Alanine molecules and join them up to form primary and secondary structures. It was kinda difficult to make them because we needed to measure the bondings and also get the correct shape and colour for the elements.

Satu biji Alanine with its H behind to identify its D configuration.

when two Alanine of same configuration join together, they form a peptide bond

when two different strands of primary structures come together, they either form a Beta sheet (above)

we tried making the Alpha helix but it was really really difficult, so we had to ask Dr. Leong to help

Ta Da! this Alpha helix was made with Dr. Leong's assistance

This week is so eventful! But the next few weeks will be dull and boring. So I'll try to make another post soon if something interesting happens.

lalanandaFRY 29/11/09

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