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08 November, 2009

Walk, Don't Run

Hey everyone, Anwar here! No la! It's just that my beard is kinda long like the real guy only... lolz Should I shave or not leh?

This is the last day of my holiday and I'm still wasting my day on this old computer. So what am I doing?  With MSN switched on, browser switched on, speaker switched on, my responds will be "What else lah...!" 没有啦,是超级无敌无聊罢了!新学年就要开始,我并没有做什么准备。嗨... 真惨!说实在,假期真的太长了,长到我连普普通通的东西都给忘记了,不要说complex systems啦,我看genetics的基本资料也从脑里删除了。But no choice, life must go on. The only thing I can do is slowly slowly learn to walk again, running is out of the question.

几天前,我把炸乱的书柜整理的时候发现几张个很令我怀念中学时光的card。当中还含有一封贺年片,是我以前一个很要好的朋友送的。它虽然是一片2006狗年款式贺年片,但是里面有一句是我和他之间的"秘密象征“。 隔了这么多年,我想这戏剧主题曲也不是什么秘密了吧!当时的我是一个很懒撒的中二学生。我承认当时的我是一个很爱玩,很爱叛逆的废物。就在我的数学月考落到面临不及格的地步时,他就是我的救星,是他把信心传给我,是他把这个烂摊子做成现在的我。我学了他的学习方式,从课程里找出欢乐。他竟然把我原本45分的数学提升至80分。如果他开补习中心,肯定叫我当他的代言人了。虽然我不知道他现在的情况如何,我只能祝福他未来成功。这封贺年片的意义就算是我起死回身的象征,也是纪念这位伟大的朋友。哈哈,还记得他的中文名字是我编给他的。谢谢你,郑庆翔!

Throughout the whole holiday, I have been having lots of interesting dreams. Those fantasies can really fall under any sweet dream or nightmare category for they seemed like placing me in some TVB drama with fellow actors acting out the show. Almost every night is an entirely different story, my character ranges from James Bond type genre to 溏心风暴-like genre. Sleep is very nice at night, when the Astro, TV and computer are all switched off, and yet I get to continue watching dramas in my dreams which are totally self-made, self-directed and most interestingly, I'm acting in it too. Sometimes I even refuse to wake up from those exciting stories. Too bad I can only get this during holidays since I normally have to wake up earlier. Is this a result of watching too many Hong Kong TVB dramas and Hollywood movies?

Thats all lah...

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