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21 November, 2009

Japan = Big ?

I'm not trying to insult Japanese, this is just a stereotype I noticed throughout so many Japanese originated shows. In my childhood, I have been exposed to the Power Rangers series on the regular RTM TV1 show on Saturday evenings. At that time, the Power Rangers on television was the US adaption of the famous Super Sentai series, which was the beginning of my observation.

Just during my holidays last year, I was streaming through some videos on Youtube when I stumbled upon this video called Japanese Spider Man from the 1970s. I compared it with the 1970s US version and noticed another difference. Spiderman uses Megazords in Japan!!!

Japanese entertainment industry is filled with BIG ideas. Godzilla and Ultraman are big. Super Sentai have huge robots. Does that mean the BIG = POWERFUL?

The first few BIG characters in Japan named Ambassador Magma (1965)

This huge guy started the trend which lasted almost half a century now (I think?). Many shows have dudes in costumes, normally one human/robot-looking and another monster-looking fighting in some city in Japan which never seem to be destroyed despite having heated climatic battles with characters tossing each other on buildings in almost every episode.

If you are thinking these is just my speculation, take a look at these photos from the old shows.

Godzilla (ゴジラ in Japanese)(1954) walking through high-tension wires

The Original Ultraman (1966) battling with a monster in the city

Japanese Spiderman's Mecha (1978)

The first Super Sentai to have big monsters and mecha, Battle Fever J (1979)

This also applies to animated shows. Where did you think Transformers and Gundam come from? Japan! duh

the original Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) are big too!

Yup! that was Optimus Prime from Transformers Generation One (1984) designed by Japanese toy company Takara

For those born during my time, you would probably know the classic US version, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

sometimes I don't seem to understand why kids like these shows. When I was 7, I would force my parents to stop watching the television every Saturday for my "Power Rangers Time" without fail. The show starts with lots of talking, then the baddies send a monster to terrorize the city. So the rangers (as civilians) will be sent to fight the monster with some soldiers (calefe actors who die in a second) and usually look weak at the start, but suddenly morph and get a higher ground. Then the monster is killed using a combo technique but is later resurrected and becomes as big as King Kong. So the rangers will call for their Megazords through some very elaborate transformations and will try to fight against the monster. The rangers will follow the previous lose-then-win scenario and as the monster dies, the Megazord will make a gaya pose for the camera.

Sounds familliar?

Ultraman is very similar. When the monster comes, weird looking fighter jets (I doubt they could fly at all) will try to kill the monster but always fail to to so. The Ultraman-to-be takes his magical wand and makes a pose to be enlarged. He then fights with the monster by throwing each other around the city, destroying everything in its path. Before he can finish off the monster, an alarm starts ringing on his chest to tell him that he needs to use the superpower (should have done that at the start!). Surely the monster dies and explodes as he make a gaya pose for the camera like the Megazords.

signature move for his superpower, done since 1966 till now (still not sien yet!!!)

So this is all I can say, Japan is a very dangerous place to live in! Monsters appear all the time!!!

this is what Americans think of Japanese films

lalanandaFRY 22/11/09

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