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18 February, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 13 & 14 report

How nice if that was true all the time!!!
Unfortunately, reality isn't so fun...

PP2 Class Test was quite horribly timed and horribly done. I can only blame it on CNY and my laziness. Immediately after the test, we started our preparations for our PP2 tutorial presentation. Fortunately we got quite good remarks from the lecturer for our ~work.

Week 14 is a week with only 1 day of "class". I was assigned to Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar, Seremban for the PP2 hospital placement.

I met up with fellow batchmates in front of IMU at 7am and travelled to IMU Clinical School in Seremban. The journey took ~45minutes *we were very early*.
We met up with lecturers in the IMU Canteen at 8.45am and walked to the hospital.
The clinical school has a bridge leading to the hospital.
I wasn't used to fully government hospitals as I've only been to private SJMC and semi-private PPUM, both fully air-conditioned. HTJ was hot and stuffy, but not crowded nor busy.
General ward (picture taken online)
All we had to do was to find a suitable case, clerk the case, discuss with partner and consult lecturer. These steps sounded easy at first but steps after the 2nd step was a nightmare since the case chosen was *bad*.
  • Handwritten notes by physicians were difficult to comprehend as expected.
  • Tonnes of abbreviations used not known even by lecturer.
  • Pure bad luck :(
So now I've got to put aside all my clerked notes and concentrate on the 4 deadly subjects which will determine my "destiny".

Study Break has officially begun...


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