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17 April, 2011

Uni-6-disaster on the way

Since the start of standard 1 when I was 7 years old, I've not had a vacation longer than 2 months. Holidays seemed fun only after months of studying, but the fun slowly exhausts, slowly switching to Stand By. Sometimes I wonder how other students wait for lower6 to start and how they wait for university placement after STPM...
38 days since EOS
18 days since Hospital placement
52 days to Fly-day
Total of 2 months 11 days of slacking...

Stand By is synonymous to Lazy Strike to me, and Lazy Strike is synonymous to Drama Crazy. I watched How I Met Your Mother's 132 episodes in 4 days! That beats my previous record of 溏心風暴's 40 episodes in 3 days! To be honest, I'm not proud of this... :P

Four months ago, I bought an Asus notebook which was so screwed up that it visited the hospital (repair centre) 3 times so far. If you think that was bad, now their replacing mine with another, maybe mine was *screwed beyond repair*? That could be my bad luck or Asus quality may have dropped, who knows? Hopefully the new one would be ok *touch wood*!
the screwed up A52JC
their replacing with N53SV
**Update 18/4/11**
Just realised I won 2 Show Luo's Encore 3D Concert tickets but missed it already!!!

That's all for now. I'll update when something interesting come up!

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