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24 June, 2011

Uni-6-disaster week 1 & 2 report

It has been slightly more than two weeks since I took my first step on Glasgow soil. The journey from KL to Dubai to Glasgow was quite a torture. The flight from KL to Dubai gave me a claustrophobic feeling since it was a 2am flight and everything was dark in the cabin throughout the whole flight. I forced myself not to sleep by watching movies, TV shows and listening to music.
The transit in Dubai was another weird experience. Dubai is a very very hot and dry country that values water more than oil. That latter statement means that I was dehydrated for the 3 hours transit time, but fortunately or unfortunately due to the @#$%^ delay, we were given a bottle of water and some snacks.
After another 7 hours and 45 minutes of non-stop food from Emirates, we finally reached the destination.
Glasgow Airport
Then we were brought to our halls (that's what they call hostels here) to settle down and the university also prepared a light refreshment for us *which I didn't eat bcos too full from airplane food*. My first impression of my room was *why is it a triangle?*.
The shape of the room was not the worst part, the living room which is shared with our neighbor smelled like a rubbish dump. Just when I was about to vacuum my rooms dirty carpet flooring, the vacuum cleaner gave out the same rubbish dump stench too!!! What else can go wrong in this tenement? Somehow I managed to settle and survived till today.

Glasgow is very different from KL... duh! The currency difference released the "x5 multiplication calculator" every time I see a price tag. Despite the *£1 is RM4.97*, lots of stuff are actually cheaper here than they are in KL. Nevertheless, I still feel a little guilty for being slightly more extravagant than I was in KL.
I'm starting to love Scottish food
Scottish Summer daylight *even at 9.25pm*
Glasgow architechture
the cooking?
but starting to worry about my hair... hahaha!
and also worry about Sem6
It was a nice experience anyway. I just hope I can survive this short and unpleasant semester so that I can enjoy my holidays in Autumn.


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