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04 June, 2011

Uni-6-disaster on the way #4

Eager (6 points)
Excited (17 points)
Exhilarating (23 points)
46 points is the score for the anticipation I'm having now using Scrabble scoring without premium squares. I've been playing a lot of online Scrabble lately (after watching all 8 seasons of 2 1/2 Men) to make my brain reboot after being dormant for the past few months.

Guess what? I'm going to the place where these people were born:
Clockwise: Gerard Butler, Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, Robert Carlyle, Dougray Scott, Shirley Manson, James McAvoy, Gordon Ramsay, Craig Ferguson, KT Tunstall, Franz Ferdinand, Tilda Swinton, Ewan McGregor, Susan Boyle.
I think I'm feeling super "high" now...

The final week before I leave NasiLemak-land is actually giving me mixed feelings. For a person who has not been away from his family for more than 10 days, I'm taking a great leap this time. I'm starting to worry about the probability that my brain isn't ready for a new semester in addition to the new unfamiliar environment I've to live in without the comfort and warmth of my parents. *I admit I'm a bit of a momma's boy* Hopefully the next 3 semesters will go by swiftly with a kilt-convo... :D

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