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29 May, 2011

Uni-6-disaster on the way #3

Now it is down to 11 days and almost everything is ready.
The last and most important thing to do now is to pack my stuff. It feels like moving from my old house again, but this time with only 3 new bags and a bag pack instead of boxes of old stuff. By the way, did you notice that all are BLACK? Yup! As a colourblind fellow, black and white are the safest colour. So now you understand why this blog is grey and most art made by me are mono-chromatic 'looks a lot like abstract art right?'.
This is what I meant by *colour disaster*.

I can't wait to lose all those calories from my slightly puffier tummy from the recent excessive consumption of Malaysian cuisine, I heard many people got thinner there.
Last week my family organized a house Dana, the first since we moved to our current abode. Memories of previous house Dana are quite faint since the last one was around 10 years ago. To be completely honest, it wasn't very 'fun', but somehow the whole exercise was satisfying.
I also got to invite my friends from IMUBS to join this joyous occasion. The best part of the event was the chance to meet so many relatives and family friends, especially those I've not met for so many years.

Recently I have been obsessed with orchestrated soundtracks and orchestrated songs. Listening to powerful songs like Michael Jackson's Thriller performed by the London Symphony Orchestra through my "cheap" headphone in a slightly higher volume is still very enjoyable. Why not have a try?


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