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13 February, 2013

Show Stoppers

Have you ever gone for a movie experience only to be ruined by other annoying movie goers?
I recently watched a vlog complaining about this and made me think about all those show stoppers. This can apply anywhere although most of the time it happens in the cinema. So let me countdown the
Top 5 Show Stopping Acts

5. Kickers
I remember once I went with a friend to watch Toy Story 3 after hearing all the good reviews from a bunch of other classmates. We entered the movie hall as usual, sat at our seat and found ourselves surrounded by little children with their parents.
Before the movie started, I experienced the first 4D feeling when the cute KFC advertisement played. It was literally like an earthquake or a bad massage chair whenever something amusing happens. My advice is "if you want to watch children's movies, wait for the DVD or blu-ray and watch at home".

4. You're in my spot!
Another time I went to watch King Kong only a few days after it was released. Almost every seat in the cinema was filled and we were lucky enough to get 3 seats. As usual the advertisements went on and just a few seconds before the movie started, a man hit me lightly asking me to get off my seat.
He was quite angry and insisted that my friends and I were seating where he and his girlfriends were supposed to seat. At that moment I was very certain that we were at our seat but he even showed me his tickets. Guess what, they were going to watch Memoirs of a Geisha and were in a wrong hall.

3. Hello Baby!
It has been years since cinemas urge audience to switch off their handphones before the movie, or at least switch to silent mode. I am generally impressed that these campaigns actually worked very well, but somebody has got to urge people not to use their phones at all.
Imagine watching a horror movie when the atmosphere is dark and creepy, everybody is getting tensed and all of a sudden a bright light emerges among the audience. Could it be that the monster is among us? No! Some bloody cinema goer is updating their Facebook status... there goes my horror mood! In summary, turn the phone off!!!

2. Shhhhh...
Have you ever encountered a situation when someone suddenly stand up to go for a toilet break in the middle of a movie? I am sure it is not unusual. But some people can be very rude when they squeeze pass other audience.
I remember once a plump man was squeezing pass me and almost knocked my drink over me. I yelled at him and told him to be careful but the responds I got back was a middle finger and a hostile warning. I never knew I could get in trouble even in the cinema?

1. Shut the hell up!
I think most people should have encountered this at least once. There are many movie goers who just like to talk while the movie is going on. Some are predicting the next scene, some are narrating and some are reviewing it on the spot. Do they ever know that others are trying to concentrate on the movie too?
There was once, a friend and I were watching a movie with a fairly complicated plot. Instinctively he started asking me "why this" and "who's that" for latter half of the movie. Believe me, I may have similar questions while watching the same parts, but please keep those questions to yourself until the end of the movie, I am trying to understand the plot too!!!

As usual, those are just a sampling of show stoppers that really annoy me. I may not have encountered other irritating situations in the movies, so if you have anything to add, do make a comment below.


P.S.: This post was initiated due to my observation from my mom and grandma while they were watching shows. *They love narrating plots and events*

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