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28 February, 2013

H&N February

Some say time flies when we are having fun. In just a blink of an eye, I have been a PRP for more than 50 days. One day I was that new dude who couldn't find my way to my work place in the huge hospital, then now I am getting my first paycheck and soon starting to have shifts and lunch calls.

How am I coping in this working environment? I wouldn't say I am the worst example, but I sometimes feel that getting used to certain departments can be slightly challenging with sharper learning curves. To be honest, I find outpatient pharmacy somewhat enjoyable. I don't know whether it is the job itself, the setting or the people I worked with there. Maybe it is the satisfaction that I get when I am actually assisting the patient in managing their illnesses.
I am currently new to the drug monitoring department and am still getting used to the working procedures. I must say that it has its own charm and pays off seeing patients get well when doctors who follow our recommendations. In a way, it is like saving the patient's life.
I think I am starting to understand the motivation in working people. It is not always about the money, but the contentment that we get whenever we are making a difference in someone else's life. A job is like a cup and life is the water it contains. The beauty of the cup does not change the water in it, but the satisfaction we get when sipping from a beautiful cup makes the water taste better than it actually is.
Unless you are looking for the holy grail *Indiana Jones reference*... lol

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