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11 March, 2013

Dumbed Down Facebook

How often do you log into Facebook, check some notifications, reply to friend requests and slowly scroll down the latest status updates? Weekly? Daily? Hourly?

Recently... or maybe over the past year or so, I noticed a couple of trends while "facebook-ing" which were annoying then and has since been getting more and more common. I am not sure whether you are one of those who enjoy these trends, but i seriously hope I am not the only one.

#1: Politics
I was chatting with a friend a while ago and our conversation suddenly switched to politics. I personally dislike talking about politics in public because I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion and people who talk to me about politics tend to be evangelistic. Naturally, these topic appears on Facebook too.

Why bother placing these pages/photos/updates? Are you trying to educate us or something? And for those who enjoy sharing photos and articles (sham or not), please note that we voters know what we want and who we think can provides a better service. So please stop posting these updates and do something more useful!

#2: Too much to say
Is it just me or are there a bunch of people who like to update their status so often that you feel bad for knowing too much? I remember one day loading my homepage only to find more than 10 status updates back to back from the same person. Initially I thought it was an error but later found that it was just a long story. If you are one of these people currently reading my blog, let me introduce you to two revolutionary ways to express yourself when 1 or 2 status updates are not sufficient, it is called TWITTER and BLOG!!! You might think it is cute that your friends care about what you think, but trust me, most of us only read the first few. By the time we start scrolling down to find more, we will definitely stop reading.

#3: Words of Wisdom
Just try scrolling down your Facebook news feed, the thing you will find the most are random words of wisdom which are strategically placed in the middle of an unrelated panorama or abstract art. What do these things even mean? I understand those who post religious pictures or pictures of places they have checked-in, but why suddenly quote great people like Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. Let me show you how I see it:
I know, it is that ridiculous... but true! muahahahaha!

#4: Camwhores/selcas
There is always a limit to everything, except camwhore-ing. I have to admit that I like to have my picture taken whenever I am visiting a new place or trying something new, but some people just don't know when to stop.
I have friends in Facebook I don't see often in person and I still get tired of seeing their face after scrolling through tonnes of self taken pictures in toilets, car parks and the worst of all, in front of the computer. Are there actually an audience for these syok sendiri people?

#5: Game Requests
I used to play Facebook games too. I understand how addictive it can be for so many people who like clicking on cute characters and playing simple puzzle games. But after playing for a while, you will find yourself running out of lives or hearts or something that restricts you from going on. So how do you get those extra lives? Go invite your friends to play, spam their status updates and notifications.
I thought I was the only one without a life? Don't get me wrong, I am not against Facebook gaming in anyway. I just want to tell you guys out there to stop when you run out of lives for the day, to know your limits and do something else while you wait for more lives.

The list can actually go on much longer.
  • Notice those Facebook users who add you but refuse to show you how they look like and use unrecognizable usernames, can you at least show yourself and your name?
  • How about those who complain about their day but refuses to tell more when people show their concern?
  • Too many #blablabla and @blablabla from Twitter!
  • Do anyone believe in those chain letters where you may "die" if you don't repost a certain story or message?
  • Keep you business dealings to your workplace or a dedicated company Facebook page, stop promotting your product/service, if we are interested we know how to look for you.
And probably the most annoying ones are those

#6 Facebook Scams
You might think that in this day and age, most people are careful not to trust everything on the internet. However some of these can be too tempting to click such as item giveaways and fake links to outrageous videos which end up being scams. It is interesting to see how many people actually falling for these obvious traps even after warnings posted by other victims. Like this post and win a brand new iPad? Yea right!
Some of these do minimal damage such as crowding your news feed while others could hack your Facebook account, causing unauthorised updating of status, stealing photos for misuse and also getting assess to other private and confidential information. The simplest way to avoid these is not to click on any ridiculously generous links or videos with weird comments. It works for me all the time...

Facebook is a wonderful virtual playground, there are friendly children who interact with you as usual and others who just want to spoil your playtime. That's life...


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