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19 April, 2015

My OnePlus One #4

For most people getting a smartphone or any other gadget, there will be a few stages

  1. Seeing commercials of the gadget on billboards, television or at the shop.
  2. Purchasing said gadget at the shop.
  3. Using the gadget non-stop for a few hours.
  4. Occasionally use it for a year or so.
  5. Go back to step 1 for a new gadget.
OnePlus First Unofficial Gathering and Secret Santa Gathering with OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei, OnePlus Head of SEA Business Development CP Lim, @Jevoly and OnePlus forum members and me!
However when it comes to OnePlus One in Malaysia, there is a totally different world out there to explore. First of all, the community behind the OnePlus in Malaysia is very active. I'm not saying other phones don't have active fan following, but the OPO community has not stopped moving since before the product was announced. Every few weeks, every few months, there will be something new and amazing users find out about this product. Exploring the device is like an experiment everytime, unleashing new potentially useful functions nobody has discovered before.

I think the most interesting progress the phone and its company has is the claim that Android Lollipop (then called Android L) was going to be released within 3 months of its official release. Of course by now we know that they could not fulfill their promise of releasing before February 2015. If you follow the progress of the company, you would know that OnePlus started to have strains with Cyanogen in India when Cyanogen decided to sign an exclusive deal with Micromax to release the YU Yureka phone with CyanogenMod 11 in December 2014. Micromax then turned around and sued OnePlus in Delhi High Court to ban the sales of OPO in India with CyanogenMod just after it was launched.

Long story short, the whole conflict resulted in production of a new OnePlus in-house make of Andriod Lollipop known as OxygenOS released on 4 April 2015 so that they would not need to rely on Cyanogen's ROM for its release in India and the rest of the world. This ROM was a huge leap for OnePlus in response to pressure from fans and critics of their broken promises time and time again. So now OPO users will have at least 3 options to proceed, flashing OxygenOS, wait for the OTA update of CM12S or retain the existing CM11S. Savvy OPO users might find and flash other ROMs online to their liking too.

Another milestone is happening 11 months after the official launch of the OnePlus One and 6 months since I got my hands on it. OnePlus is finally releasing it for sale officially in Malaysia on 22 April 2015. They have partnered with Malaysian telco Maxis to sell the Global edition OPO and is organizing an official fan gathering in Menara Maxis KLCC on 24 April 2015. Maxis's current marketing strategy uses OnePlus's existing good reviews from international tech websites and reviewers to boast the phone's reputation in order to increase awareness of this awesome product. It is surprising to me that OnePlus is releasing this phone with a carrier instead of the usual online off-contract route this time. Could it be possible that it is sold on contract similar to their other MaxisOne contracts? But these are just speculations, nothing is confirmed until then.

The OnePlus One and OnePlus as a company has gone a long way internationally and is finally coming to Malaysia. Hopefully one day when they release their follow up OnePlus 2 maybe later this year we will be able to get it in stores like any other phone instead of the crazy 6 steps that brought my phone around the world before reaching me. It would sound ridiculous 6 months ago, but it may be different now. We shall see where things are going from here...

***Update 26/4/15***
Good news! OnePlus has finally gone away with their invite system on 20 April 2015, so no more Tuesday specials and no more time-bomb invites to give away anymore. I am not sure whether it is in conjunction with their anniversary, but nevertheless it is what all us fan were waiting for.
Another good news is that they have launched the OPO in Malaysia already. As I expected, the OPO can be purchased off contract as well as with the typical Maxis carrier contract.


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