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26 April, 2015

Random Photos from Glasgow

When I was studying in Glasgow a couple of years ago, I didn't have a car and didn't have a friend who owned any means of transport. That meant that whenever I wanted to go somewhere, I either had to walk there or take some sort of public transportation. But the great thing is that it was always cool and comfortable. So sometimes I do enjoy just strolling around aimlessly, sometimes for hours during the weekends, bringing nothing but my camera so that I can capture some interesting shots along the way.

I was doing some spring cleaning on my PC when I came across a bunch of photos folders containing all these unsorted photos that I haven't seen in 3-4 years. Just clicking through them brought back memories of the magnificent year I spent in Glasgow. I'm sure some of the photos will resonate with other MPharm friends too. I present to you a kaleidoscope of random photos I took from my walks around Glasgow. Enjoy...
Little girl: Don't worry daddy, I can drive too!
I sat in a bus that had a car on it, could be even more awesome up there :)
Glasgow Cathedral just before Christmas is so beautiful
Walking on ice in the Necropolis during sunset
Very blue St Andrew's Suspension Bridge at Glasgow Green
Twisting down the Lighthouse
Old buildings still tend to stand out from the rest in my eyes
Something as simple as the Glasgow Green Tidal Weir can be beautiful too
Imagine walking in the park as leaves fall from the branches in Autumn
How about having a cup of java under the stars?
What do you think about my photos? Do you think I should do more of these? Please leave a comment if you like them. I may be doing more of these, or may be some from Malaysia too.


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