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01 May, 2015

Random Photos from Glasgow #2

I'm back! Here are some "Summer specials" from my photo albums. You will notice some sepia tint on almost all my photos here because... well that was my intragram-est craze of placing filters on summer photos to make them look more summer-ish. Those were the days when I just found out how awesome Picasa was. Enjoy...

How often can you say "I was in a pack of Mentos Gum with my buddies"!
Magnify the clock tower, this was the first photo I shared with my parents telling them that it was still bright almost 10pm.
Gothic? What does that actually mean?
This garden was just 5 minutes walk from my residence, so beautiful during summer.
Our first visit to Glasgow Green with a football.
They turned George Square into Philadelphia to film the beginning scene of World War Z.
It isn't unusual to find people sitting quietly beside a river feeding birds at Kelvingrove Park
Does it look like Hogwarts? Some say yes, but I just don't see it.
The Monument of Maternity, another landmark just a stonethrow away from my residence
Come to think about it, this guy must have regretted becoming a bird toilet.
Again, please leave a comment if you like them. It is fun for me to revisit these photos and I hope it is fun to you too.


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