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13 June, 2008

Language Lesson 1: Introduction to Engrish

In many countries in the world, there are many variants of the English language that had mixed with local languages to form unique combinations.

Singapore : Singlish
Malaysia : Manglish
China : Chinglish
Thailand : Tinglish
Japan : Japlish
Korea : Konglish

All these Asian variants are grouped into a general term called ‘Engrish’ due to the ‘probrem’ with the letters ‘r’ and ‘l’. Because of all these wide ‘variety’ of variants, I shall ‘show off’ some of the language Malaysians and Singaporeans have in common.

Good English – GE
Variants – SE (Special English)

GE: Can everyone please keep quiet?
SE: Shut up lah!!!

GE: (In School) May I excuse myself to the washroom?
SE: Teacher…Toilet...!

GE: That box is mine.
SE: That box my wan!

GE: Excuse me, mister/miss!
SE: Oi…

GE: Can you show me your method?
SE: How ah?

GE: Here are your books.
SE: Nah...!

GE: What happened?
SE: Why like that wan?

GE: I do not know what is happening.
SE: Dunno lah...!

GE: I beg your pardon.
SE: Huh...?

GE: Thank you for your assistance.
SE: Tankiu ah!

GE: My luck is not good today.
SE: Walauweh! Damn Kanasai today!

GE: Can I get a lift from you?
SE: Tumpang your can ar?

GE: Please do not be a show off, aren’t you embarrassed of it?
SE: You so aiksy for what? Not paiseh ah?


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