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12 April, 2009

IMU Blood Donation Drive

IMU Buddhist Society Presents...

Blood and Organ Donations Drive

"Your blood, their lives"

Date: 15th-17th April 2009 (Wednesday to Friday)
Time: 10am-4pm
Venue: MPH Broadway

Come participate! (No descrimination against various agama, bangsa or negara, everyone should donate!!!)
Donate blood and pledge your organs. 
We also need volunteers to help out during the three days- about three hours per shift. For more information, please contact Mar Jie or/and me (for Pharmacy) and Lii Chyuan, Sunn Renn and Jaa Ming (for ME/DT).

The shifts are 10am-1pm or/and 1pm-4pm (Wednesday to Friday)

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