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21 April, 2009

Uni-disaster week 14 report

I'm currently having a study break, which also implies that I'm having a 2 week course of "anticipation" before I face the EndofSemester(EoS) examination. But before I talk about the suffering, I want to share some of the happy events during the long interval between week reports. Sorry for being lazy:( ... 原谅我好吗?我应该是定定七桃到忘了时间啦!

This won't be as short as the 3 recent posts (blood donation, photo-edition 1 & 2). Week 12 was fun especially when Physiology lecturer took the helm of the jokes among all of us especially May Hwa and Chiew Vien. He told us interesting analogy.cum.stories which was easy to remember. Just by uttering the words 'salivation'  and 'ring a bell' would make us giggle somehow due to his accent. Then Thursday was our Bioscience class test and I have worked quite hard for it, 但是希望不会功亏一篑... Hopefully can get the exemption la...

Eversince I had the meeting with the first Blood donation comittee on Thursday of week 11, I kept feeling proud that I'm doing something for the society and people since it is not as small as giving my blood but welcoming lots of people to donate their blood too!!! But the work as a member of publicity section isn't that simple because our job is to make people know about this event. Publicity includes a banner, posters, signs and announcement. The great thing is that I've made new acquaintances in the publicity section, Lii Chyuan (vp & head of publicity), Sunn Ren and Jaa Ming, all whom were very very nice people (of course la... buddhist are the best people in the world!!!). Together with the rest of the comittee members, we managed to make a nice banner and cute little black people who would lead students of IMU to the event.

Shaun Fook, Yong Kang, Shin Yun and Siew Huanthose are the little black people I was refering toand this is our group photo

Then in week 13, there was this BioPharm class test.... :'( Dr Arjun wasn't very happy with our results. But now I can only hope that I can pass all my assesments and move on to next semester. The practicals we did in week 13 & 14 was quite boring but I liked it because it was very quick, so I won't mention much.

As you know, I've borrowed a Canon EOS 350D from the Photography club to get some nice photos for the blood donation drive as well as the batch photo you have seen in the earlier posts. I don't know whether it was a blessing or a curse but I kept dreaming of losing that camera until I was quite paranoid. I took the camera from bro.Han Hong on Tuesday with hopes of getting used to it by Wednesday. But one night proved to be impossible to get a hang with a dSLR, something I haven't used in my life (only used a film SLR, point & shoot auto focus and my dad's prosumer). The camera came with a HOYA 58mm UV filter which was extremely dirty and a heavy battery holder which was quite useless since it only contained one battery without any back-ups. 

请多多包涵,我明白我的shuttle speed和exposure的确是差了一点...

Three days of Blood Donation Drive was successful. We have got a total of 202 successful donations. Hopefully the hard work we have done will get to help people to fulfill our motto 'Your Blood, Their Lives'. As part of the Blood Donation Drive Comittee, I would like to thank everyone who had contributed to this success of this event especially the donors and also IMU Photography club for lending the camera to me. I also hope that more would come forward to contribute in our next event tentatively in September (Bulan Puasa is the time when there is a shortage of blood). Once again,


may you be well and happy...

Now I'm back to my suffering part...haiz.... Study break is not nice at all. The weather here is scorching hot, notes are boring, MUET test 1 is this Saturday and I'm not experiencing any progress in my hippocampus. HELP ME!!!

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