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17 December, 2009

Uni-3-disaster week 5 report

Santa Claus is coming to town..... NOT!

To most people maybe la, but not for me. Not that I'm not Christian or anything, it is just that there is too much deception in this world, especially silly parents who sacrifice their pockets money to buy gifts on behalf of that lucky old fat dude in red. Despite that, good things do come along too. Xmas sale period is the best time to buy stuff. Publicity stunts of hypermarkets and shopping malls really attract customers like me into buying stuff at a cheaper rate in the name of Christmas, so called la!

So I've missed a few weeks again, and I have only collected one reason for last week, IYBCC meeting camp. This camp is ...... something I did out of reluctance. It was just about 3 weeks ago when Chen Yeh asked me to go when I agreed with it, noting that IMU Buddhist Society will be sending 3 representatives including me. "Lucky" things keep coming towards me last week. I was already having a bad day when Chen Yeh informed me that he was ill and couldn't go. That leaves 2 to go and I'm still keen. Still..... knowing that i would have to perform a presentation on behalf of the society.

Just at the last few moments, Sing Ean was also ill and so how? I had to go alone la! 很衰咯! At that time, I was desperate but I couldn't do much. So I fulfilled my promise, I went as a 独行侠... hahaha...

The occasion was at Selayang Buddhist Association, a place in KL that I haven't been for a long long time. I had to travel through LRT and bus to reach there. The LRT system was fine, but bus system at Jalan Tun Razak was a hell of trouble. I was carrying all my clothes and meeting reports in the extreme hot sun at 4.30pm looking for the RapidKL bus at the *supposedly correct* bus station. After waiting for half an hour only I was told by a passerby that the station had moved to Jalan Ipoh.

Then I went to Jalan Ipoh with another friendly guy who was also lost like me. The next hurdle was that I entered the correct bus, RapidKL U3 with a wrong conductor. I wanted to reach Pasar Borong Lama Selayang, but the *smart* conductor told me that it was near a place he named "WARTA". So I followed the bus to WARTA and I went down the bus there. As the bus left, I saw the *Pasar Warta* that he meant, a small supermarket and a small little signage "Pasar Borong Selayang Baru"!!!!! I think that conductor's BM is worst than mine...

So I went to a keropok lekor pondok and asked a friendly mak cik for directions and found out that Jalan 2 was still a 25 minute walk from where I was. Aduhai, what a shitty day! So I walked, passing the Selayang Auto City (smelly with lots of dogs and their manure) and the Pasar Borong Lama. Finally I reached my target, tired and sweaty as ever when the registration girl asked me "你去哪里跑步?" That was how crappy I looked carrying my heavy bag and lots of paper in long cargo pants!!!

some photos of Selayang Auto City and the Pasar Borong Lama

and finally I reached Selayang Buddhist Association

*aura came out from the background although it was already evening*

First day of the camp was essentially a "getting to know each other" time where we started talking during dinner time and had our ice-breaking activities organized by individual universities and colleges till almost midnight. Then the next day was when the whole meeting stuff started. Every society had to report on their workings and problems faced, especially with reference to financial and activities status. Everyone contributed their part very well and I had a great picture of general problems faced with several seniors giving valuable advices based on their previous experiences. The people there were very nice and friendly, and most of all, willing to help each other when facing problems. *Buddhist are the nicest people in the world*. But despite being a lighthearted discussion, concentrating there was a big problem (meetings started at 7.30am & ended at 5.30pm with short lunch break only). So I did consume lots of dried orange peels and sweets (sorry guys!) to keep myself energized.

The red bowl contains the miracle drug, Orange Peel

I returned home on Sunday afternoon just after lunch with a bunch of UTHM Buddhist Society members by bus and LRT as the way I went on Friday. We talked on the bus and on the LRT where they departed for Puduraya to take their bus back to Johor. At that time, I was very sleepy and mentally tired. It was a wonderful experience socializing with so many people from different backgrounds who were willing to share their little advices which could make a difference in the workings of a society.

So that's about all for week 5, week 6 report will be done very soon since it is Christmas holidays

lalanandaFRY 17/12/09

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