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23 December, 2009

Uni-3-disaster week 6 report

Last weekend started as it was meant to be, on Friday for lazy bugs like me. My lovely parents were thinking of stocking up some fresh seafood for the following weeks and so we decided to visit Kuala Selangor. This so-called normal journey turned out special for only one reason, IT RAINED!!!

So this is how it goes. We left our house to have a late lunch there. I was dreaming of having yummy seafood lunch as we drove through the Federal Highway to Klang and exited at Jalan Kapar. From Jalan Kapar, we joined Jalan Meru and drove along that long road when it started to rain very heavily. That was when the trouble started. The rain was so heavy that it almost flooded half of the road. Besides avoiding pot holes and uneven puddles of water, we had difficulty looking at the road signs.

We looked very carefully for landmarks which were "bigger signs", but in the rain, almost everything was blur. So guess what? We missed Kuala Selangor!!! Then my dad thought "nevermine, how about we go a little further, how about Tanjong Karang?". The rain was still as heavy, we drove passed lots of plantations, little shops and wooden kampung houses but NO Tanjung Karang either!!!

At the end, we decided to pump petrol at the nearest Shell and ask the people there for directions to reach Tanjong Karang. Finally, we had lunch after such a weird journey at around 2.30pm.

WARNING*** all photos here were taken with my lousy handphone, so no complains.

It was still pouring when we reached the restaurant

the restaurant was empty because it was so late already

we had a nice fried sotong

this is 豆腐江, taste really like shark's fin with toufu

and lastly, 红皂fish curry

The food was really really nice, but I looked out the shop and thought to myself "how can fishermen catch fish in this kind of weather?". All of us got wet anyway and found ourselves at the fish market just a stone throw away. My parents went with the umbrella while I locked myself in the car since the car only had 2 umbrellas, thats when I found another one, but it was too late already... haiz =(

I was so bored I looked everywhere and found some people moving fish in the rain

When they came back, we were set to go home with almost everything we wanted, except cotton wool for my ever flat pillow. So on the way back home, we looked out for it along the way. As we were driving pass the same road we came from, my dad suddenly asked me to make a U-turn. He just found the "entrance to Kuala Selangor" that we were looking for at the beginning.

these are some of the road side scenes I would like to share but I understand it isn't very nicethere were many shops there selling many different types of seafood, keropok-s and biscuits.

My mom bought some fish balls and decided something that I welcomed very much, STEAMBOAT FOR DINNER!!! So she bought more *steamboat type* food and we continued our search for cotton wool. Along the way, we found our cotton shop which was just around 5 minutes drive from Kuala Selangor town centre.

if you noticed the bottom right hand corner, you would realise that like earlier, I didn't get down the car. After seeing all those colourful pillows and bed linens, we just drove straight home and enjoyed our steamboat without any picture taking.

Actually nothing much happened throughout the week since there was Christmas week. Lucky for me, it was also 冬至 Winter Solstice festival and I gotta eat lots of 汤圆. If you have seen my week 4 report, you should know that the orientation video is on its way to cinemas near you? No la, the teaser trailer is out just 2 weeks before the official release, so please enjoy.

Thats all folks

lalanandaFRY 23/12/09

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