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05 March, 2009

Uni-disaster week 9 report

This week is quite dull mostly because there was a class test right at the start. We also had 3 lab practicals this week, which makes us write another 3 reports... hectic!!!

The class test was for Foundation Chemistry, which is for now my only OK subject. Yet I didn't have much confidence in it after seeing everyone claiming they had only 1 or 2 mistakes. Questions were not really tough, I would give it a 6/10 difficulty. But I hope I could do well in the other test to come, especially Physiology, which is the toughest subject right now.

Lectures were OK as usual. These are 4 pictures to explain it all.

  1. Everyone listening in lectures
  2. Many writing notes
  3. Dr. Sue Chen, the nice Physiology lecturer who made
  4. (cont') Wei Jian stay awake for the whole lecture

Within the same day, I also had a practical for Bioscience. It wasn't as difficult as most practicals for one reason, the readings from the spectrophotometer are very nice and accurate unlike other measuring apparatus. Overall, it was easy and fast.

The other days were as usual, lectures were as usual, practicals were fun but hectic as usual. But I would want to highlight the practical I had on Friday, which is the seperation and recrystallisation practical. If you scroll down this page, you would see that I did almost the same procedures LAST WEEK!!! But of course the uni guys are not that 无聊 to make us repeat. This time it was more complicated, yet relaxing.

Sounds like an irony? Actually it was only a semi-repeat since the term recrystallisation appears in this practical again. But the seperation part was the key to unlock the recrystallisation portion. Alright! I guess if you did not do this practical, you wouldn't understand. First, we had to take a prepared unknown mixture which contains both organic and inorganic substances. Then we used a seperating funnel to extract the inorganic part by adding NaOH, thus forming 2 layers (too bad I was too busy that I couldn't take any pictures). This is a picture I got from the net to explain the layers formed.

After that, the NaOH (bottom layer) is drained twice to a beaker leaving the light yellow colour liquid in the seperating funnel to be disposed. HCl is then added to the beaker containing the NaOH to form a cloudy suspension in the solution. (again, no picture) We need to wait for around 2 minutes before we filter the solution using vacuum filtration. By the way, this is not my hand, it is Sophia's, my lab partner's hand.

Then we will get white coloured 'stuff' that needs to be recrystallised using Petroleum Ether (yea, i know it is poisonouse if it enters our body). I made a slight mistake and it became dry before I could cool it, so a weird shaped thingy was formed.

Of course I was very nervous but I decided to redo that part by redissolving it in petroleum ether again. It was worth the effort! The crystals were B.E.A.utiful!!!

This is again Sophia doing the filtration (mine was the conical flask on the right)

do you see the crystals formed? to me it looks like raw mee suah

Nice ryte? It was much better than the ones formed in the practical last week. Hopefully the next few practicals will be fun too.

By the way, Happy March 8!!! if you know what I mean. It has been an eventful year for all politicians and speculators. To me, nobody in politics are good, the only question is, "Who is worst?"

lalanandafry 8/3/09

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