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27 February, 2009

Uni-disaster week 8 report

This week was eventful to me because I was involved in many activities:

  1. Lab experiment involving crystallisation of compounds.
  2. Met lecturers and S2-dudes at Taylor's.
  3. Got notes from mentor.
  4. Protein estimation experiment.
  5. Met secondary school dudes (again)

So let me start with number 1. Our experiment was called "Purification of Organic Compounds by Recrystallisation". Just before we enter the lab, we met a few seniors who told me that it was really fun. Now I can tell everyone, "yea ryte...!!!". Okey la... it was interesting, tedious but the result was extremely w.e.i.r.d! While waiting for my recrystallisation, there was a work of art in the making on my same bench.

what do you think? quite nice right? what do you think it is?

here you go... really kesian my lab partner man...!!! she spilt a part of her saturated solution to, somemore kena publicity here. But seriously, it is a beautiful yellow crystal formation.

Mine wasn't very nice because I was too kan-jiong(in a hurry) to finish. So I cooled my solution using cold tap water and see what happens.

looks like butter cake before entering the you can see, the paste formed is so not in the shape of the crystal at all...(crying~.~")

2) Then on Wednesday, May Hwa took Chiew Vien and I to Taylor's to meet up with my old classmates and teachers. We reached there at around 11am, went into Taylor's with my old and ugly and expired Taylor's tag, then went to look for Ms Lee to give her a surprise but couldn't find her at the Orange room. After looking through new and old block, we finally found her at her office.

We had a short chat in a vacant classroom, then suddenly Baezil came in 2 of his classmates, one of which was my senior in secondary school (small world). At around 12 noon, we left the classroom to look for Ms Kwa. Coincidentally, we saw her walking up the stairs and Chiew Vien started her loud streaking "Ms Kwa.....!!!!!" which could be heard from one stairs to the other. We met up and gathered with Jegan at PizzaHut. Chat, makan, chat, makan, chat, makan and when everyone was talking about how life was after college, Chiew Vien started talking about HYBRIDISATION!!!! haha! At around 1pm, we left Subang to IMU again for our next lecture.

3) My group had a practical demo of Organ Bath (not literally bathing the organs). It ended quite early and I wanted to stay back in the Library to finish up my Foundation Chem report for recrystallisation. The readings wasn't nice, what supposed to be 95-98% turned out to be 35+% only. I was quite stressed up and took a walk out of the Library for some fresh air. Lucky for me, I met Gen Yuan, my mentor who was jsut about to return home. He then asked me to get the notes from his apartment nearby. We walked there and chatted about my experience in IMU for the past weeks and finally reached.

when I recieved this, I was thinking to myself "how would I collect all this for my mentee next year?". Look that that stack of notes, it is almost 20cm thick!!! So I tak boleh tahan, must take a photo of it in the elevator.Those notes were really good. I managed to carry it back to the Library and continue to finish my report which built up my confidence since his was also similar (readings were around 40% also).

4) On Friday, Gaik Cheng wanted to have Yong Tau Fu for lunch again after visiting her mom at Ampang Puteri Hospital (don't worry Gaik Cheng, she will be alright!). So eight of us from IMU visited the Restoran Syarikat Yong Tau Foo Ampang in two cars. After going for two times, I realised that place was the Yong tau foo shop recommended by Ross on LiteFM to be one of the best!!! I felt so honoured to be there.

Then we returned to IMU for our practicals. Mine was the estimation of concentration of protein using Biuret method. Since Chiew Vien said it was fast and easy, I tried to break her record of 1.5 hours. It was actually very simple and easy, although the results are prone to be inaccurate if it is done too fast.

those are the samples we needed using 16 test tubes.

I didn't get to break her record, finishing in 1.75 hours, but it was fun racing against other groups for the incubator and spectrometer.

5) Lastly, Riz and Ivan had last minute plans for a meeting at Restoran Kinrara just after my lab. Initially I was hesitant, but I still went to yum cha with them. We were only expecting 4 to turn up, Ivan, Riz, Shaun and I. But coincidentally, we met another group of old schoolmates at the shop who also joined us. We had a long chat before Riz and Shaun came (as usual, Riz was late). Unfortunately, I had to leave early for my home cooked dinner waiting for me.

Wow!!! Eventful? I have not written such a long report for a week before. I'm sure everyone will be tired reading as I'm tired typing too. Thanks for your time...

lalanandaFRY 28/2/09

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