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07 February, 2009

Uni-disaster week 5&6 report

I can't believe I got so lazy after the CNY holidays that I now have a fortnight report instead of a weekly thingy. The lectures of this two weeks was very much the same as week 3.  So I'm not going to brag about the lecture, lecturers and the lectured. My focus will be on the visit of Group 2 members to Rumah Shalom.

This meaningful SRC project started at around 8am. We waited for the bus at IMU when a huge bus came. Unfortunately our bus, a mini bas sekolah came later (kinda disappointed).

Just before we left, we had a group photo too

Then we hopped onto the bus as we left for Rumah Shalom.

After 15 minutes, we reached our destination.

We decided to get a larger area for our Ice-breaking activity at a nearby park. The game master, Visha planned many wonderful activities and the children were having lots of fun there.

After that, we returned to Rumah Shalom when it was getting too hot.

And we had some group photos on the way

Aiya... I'm feeling so lazy to blog already. I think I will just post the charity video here (wait first, only after 18 Feb).

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