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15 May, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 3 & 4 report

Currently immersing myself in words
WORDS Need to make some changes in PP1 Ethical Essay.
WORDS Need to read tonnes of papers for HP workshop.
WORDS Need to write a 3000 words HP essay.
WORDS Need to study for class test.
WORDS Need to write some 500 words about Orientation for convo mag.

Why so manyWORDS???

Wouldn't the world be nicer with more PICTURES???
I'll let the PICTURES talk from now...

watched Ironman 2, was woo-ed by the cool technology and the suits, but something is missing from this movie that couldn't match the first movie.
Did PP1 essay in
spent 2 lecture-less days there using
to get a bunch of words out of my tiny
Then I had PP1 mock test on Wednesday, screwed it...
Had photoshoot for convo mag on Thursday
and took the best Gang photo so far
Need to spend more time in
to finish studying all my
or I'll be


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