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06 October, 2012

because Blockbusters are too mainstream

Recently I have been idle at home and I found that there is a trend of reviewing stuff on Youtube. Almost anything can be reviewed, but those reviewing films and movies seem to attract me the most and seems to be the most popular of all. I guess this is becoming an industry by itself since it is making tonnes of money through DVD sales and advertisements.
This rising trend continuously remind me more than ever that the film industry is not about making money, it is an art. I am sure you have heard of movies like E.T., The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Dark Knight and also the Star Wars saga. Have you ever wondered why these movies were so successful? Sure you can point out that they were made by some of the most talented minds in Hollywood and that all of them had great stories, memorable characters and wonderful sets. But first let me introduce you to a movie named "The Room". I heard of this film from fellow reviewer Obscurus Lupa, Cinema Snob and later in the notorious scandal involving the Doug Walker's Nostalgia Critic.

First of all, this movie was not a blockbuster (duh!), nor was it in anyway a good film, in fact, it is one of the most horrible piece of junk to ever reach the screen (that is an understatement). But somehow this film became very memorable and can be considered a success. I admit that I have no right to talk about film making since I am in no definition a film maker. I have only made several clip shows, an event commercial and a line of short introductory videos for a university orientation. However my only redeeming factor is that I have watched hundreds of film making documentaries and reviews which helped me understand the processes from both a producing and an audience perspective.
The most famous merchandise, the Johnny Bobble-head.
OK, this film was made by a man named Tommy Wiseau, a film maker who spent $6 million to create a dark comedy. Written, produced, directed and starring himself, this film was given a cult status after its small release in 2003. At first his passion for film making reminded me of Sylvester Stallone and his struggle to create the Oscar winning masterpiece that is Rocky, then I watched this film and it was like comparing Haagen Daaz to cow dung. However this film somehow got a cult following including frequent reruns and lots of merchandise.
Some of the reviewers from
After watching all of Brad Jones's videos on his website, I have a feeling that there are actually many lesser known gems in the film industry that deserve more interest. I also find that the budget of a movie does not always determine the quality, for example, Star Wars Episode I, Transformers 3 and Batman and Robin. So instead of watching huge blockbusters, why not look out for B-movies with good storylines. Of course remember to consult these guys first.


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