GLOCCOVNAA is an abbreviation for 'Great Life of Conflict, Climax or Virtually Nothing At All'. That was the long and ridiculous name I came out for my blog when I was 18 years old. Do click on the colourful icons on the right to check out different types of posts in this blog.

26 October, 2012

H&N Prelude

If you have visited my blog before, you would have noticed that the blog has undergone a huge overhaul.

This was how it was, what do you think about the new appearance?
What you may already noticed is that my blog used to be very dark, very grey and very black. I explained in several previous posts that I love the colours black and white because those are the colours that I definitely can see *I'm red-brown-green colourblind*. The new colourful appearance is my way of showing that I am going to embrace a colourful change in my life. This is probably my first post about me NOW... what I mean is this is not a retrospect anymore! I am naming this new thread of posts as H&N a.k.a Hear and Now. Previous threads can be accessed easily by clicking on the icons on the right.
Ironically, the H&N sign is black and white... lol
Since this is prelude, let me introduce this blog and new thread to all of you again. GLOCCOVNAA started out as a pseudo-blog on the social networking site Friendster in early 2007 *when it was the fashionable thing to have*. At that time it was just called 'Entry to Hell' and was the platform I used to post my rants about my life and stress when I was in high school (Entry to Hell is now one of my threads on this site). When I transferred all of that into blogger later that year, I renamed it as 'Great World of Mystery, Suspense or Virtually Nothing at all' and started a new thread called 'Mystery of the Unknown'. I think you will see how bad a poet I was/am/ever will be. That explains why my blog has such a long name even after I renamed my blog as 'Great Life of Conflict, Climax or Virtually Nothing at all', now known as GLOCCOVNAA.
I had this header for almost 3 years, the one before had a white horse instead of the chess set.
I entered college the following year and started another thread called 'Musclés Dé Dansé' which is French for dancing muscles to document my college life. The weird part about these posts were that 8 of them had French titles and the rest had English titles. To be honest, I have no idea why I made it that way, it seems silly now looking at it years later. The longest and probably my favourite is the Uni-disaster thread. The numbers between Uni and disaster shows the semester when the post was published. It lasted the whole four years of my university life with weekly posts much like a university log book.
I made new little icons for my threads, cute right?
As I mentioned before, I still have lots interesting stuff to post regarding my travels while I was in the UK and Europe during the past year. I may start another thread to post about that and in the mean time, H&N will be the ongoing thread. My previous post 'Remakesploitation' and many other similar posts are special spontaneous posts which are more like articles I write when I did some reading and study on certain topics. These can be very random *I have talked about Japanese trends of making big stuff and celebrity shout-outs*. Recently I gave it a new name "Really Random Rants" a.k.a the 3Rs.

If you managed to read through this whole post about my *blog history* and felt it was boring, just scroll down and you will see that I am not as boring as you think... I hope! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you will come visit again to find more interesting posts. By the way, do visit my youtube channel as well! The link is down the right column.

This is lalanandaFRY signing out!

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