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27 October, 2012

K for Konfession

Obviously this post is about South Korea, I mean it is so obvious that konfession starts with a K! OK, that was too lame. Maybe I should have named this post Gangnam Style instead. As far as worldwide popularity, Gangnam Style is probably the first thing people associate with South Korea, overtaking stuff like Samsung, Kimchi, football star Park Ji Sung, Taekwondo, UN S-G Ban Ki-Moon and Super Junior. Who could deny the popularity of this song nowadays?

To the US or the rest of the world, English music tend to be the staple or at least the most heard. But in between them lies the sleeping giant of "foreign" music. If you have been living under the shell all these years, here is a list of non-English songs that suddenly became popular (as far as I know):
- La Bamba by Los Lobos (Mexico)
- Rico Suave by Gerardo (Ecuador)
- Macarena by Los del Rio (Spain)
- La Copa de la Vida by Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico)
- The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) by Las Ketchup (Spain)
- Dragostea din tei (Numa Numa Song) by O-Zone (Moldova)
- Jai Ho by A.R.Rahman (Hindi)
Then there was Gangnam Style...
If only Maroon 5 wasn't there...
I am personally a K-fan. Funny that people boast about watching Gangnam Style when the views were at <10,000 while I first watched it after hearing that Korea's National MC Yoo Jae Suk was in it when the views were at ~500. Who would have knew that song would be the most successful viral song so far? Until the second quarter of 2011, I had only known little bits about this country, namely Dae Jang Geum, the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon and my friend's dance group covering Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Then a bunch of friends on Facebook posted videos of Kara's Lupin, that was the one thing that got me interested in South Korea.
The rhythm was so catchy that I was listening to it for hours non-stop.
Over the 3 boring months I sat at home rotting my life away waiting to go to Glasgow, there were only 4 things keeping me motivated. Two of which were American sitcoms, the other old Hollywood movies and the last was South Korean TV show called Heroes. Although it was like most other TV shows with a slightly reality setting, this show taught me so much more than I could have read online about current Korean culture. One example is that Koreans have very specific terms when it comes to "referrals" especially when referring to elders as a sign of respect. So when talking, a man should add the word hyung or noona behind a name when referring to another older man or woman respectively. Similarly, a woman should add the word oppa or unni behind when referring to another older man or woman respectively. Therefore "Oppa Gangnam Style" is Psy telling a younger girl that he has Gangnam style, which means he is wealthy and has a high profile symbolized by Gangnam, a district similar to Beverly Hills in California.
When I was in Glasgow, I was introduced to one of the most popular shows in Korea called Running Man by my friend Jason, who used to watch it while having brunch during the weekends. This show is hosted by the aforementioned National MC Yoo Jae Suk and is one of the most popular variety shows in Korea and now gaining popularity across Asia. At one point they actually got Jackie Chan as a cameo appearance in their Hong Kong special episode. Other variety shows like Invincible Youth, We Got Married, Infinity Challenge and Strong Heart are also very interesting if you are interested in Korean life and celebrities. Besides variety shows, I also watched action dramas like Iris and City Hunter, both somehow illustrate the high production value and quality of basic small screen productions in Korea.
I am still hoping for them to come visit Malaysia.
Kpop is another huge thing nowadays. A few years before I have even heard of Kpop, I was watching 綜藝大國民 and they introduced a girl group named Orange Caramel, a subgroup of After School. That time I marveled the Taiwanese fans who turned up to cheer for the group singing songs they don't comprehend. Then years passed, Nobody by Wonder Girls was the most catchy song of that time and now we have Gangnam Style. I finally get how to enjoy Kpop, even my MP3 playlist is mostly Kpop. There is just something interesting about not understanding what the song is about but still enjoying the beat and suddenly language is not a barrier anymore, that is music.That is why Gangnam Style is this successful.
MC Yoo should have worn a green suit instead of yellow!
That's my Konfession, as a K-fan.


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