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19 October, 2012

Uni-7-8-disaster all in one

This post may not be as long you may think it would be... I can summarise my final year in UK in 3 words.


Celebrated my 21th birthday with a bunch of friends!
Semester 7 was the fun and exhilarating part. The timetable had only 2-3 columns filled, mostly Thursday and Friday mornings and sometimes Monday workshops. That's it! Some of my friends had to attend their lab practicals for their research project during the other days but for me, it was HOLIDAY!!!
I had my own research project which required me to collect data from NHS pharmacists who also act as assessors in our final year OSCE examination. This means that I had to travel to several different pharmacies around and outside of Glasgow, like a field trip. Sadly my only trip outside of Glasgow was Hartfield Clinic in Dumbarton, the others were within Glasgow like the Royal Infirmary and Western Infirmary.
Dumbarton Central train station at 9am in December.
Walked around University of Glasgow after my assignment in Western Infirmary.
Winter is quite a depressing season. The weather got really inconsistent, sometimes hailing, sometimes snowing and sometimes the sun appears when the day and night temperature difference can be up to 15C. Many people in my house went for holiday, leaving only 3-4 of us at home doing nothing.
One day we got bored and I decided we should visit Glasgow Necropolis near our hostel.
On New Year's Eve I went on a solo trip to Edinburgh to attend the Hogmanay street party and met up with a bunch of other friends there. Although the party was a total rip-off, the fireworks and atmosphere was fun, especially singing Auld Lang Syne with everyone where the song was actually made. My friends went back to Glasgow after the party while I stayed for another 2 days to explore Edinburgh. Fortunately I didn't get lost this time and didn't need to use a map anymore since I was familiar with the roads already.
Group photo shortly before the street party
Let me think, what else happened? Semester 8 was much tougher than any other semester since we already enjoyed ourselves too much during the previous semester *my bad*. Projects, presentations, tests and OSCE were coming at us endlessly. Somehow we still managed to plan a Malaysian Night and celebrate Chinese New Year before that nightmare started.
Muhibbah in Glasgow!
All you need during CNY, cookies by Chei Wan, Mandarin oranges, Bak kwa by me and
the awesome-st CNY reunion dinner away from home!!!
After that, life gets really crazy and stressful. That's the best description I can make, staying at home most of the time studying and working on projects, that's all for until study break. Ironically "study break" was the time we stopped studying for a short while to take a breath of fresh air although the final exam was just weeks away because we were so exhausted finishing and submitting our research project. Many of my friends went for trips during that time. I personally didn't go anywhere outside Glasgow.
We did visit Celtic Park
and St Andrews, home of Golf.
I think that's about all for semester 7 and 8. OH ya, before I forget, I went to another self planned solo budget trip to London. Being alone in trips like these were tough. I did all the bookings and itinery myself long before I knew what to expect in London. It was a true challenge and really made it a better experience than just following a tour group. Can anyone believe I only spent around 170pounds for the whole 4 days 3 night trip *150pounds if I didn't miss my bus back to Glasgow*. It was still a fantastic achievement to me.
This is just a summary of what I did in London. 
More posts to come very soon, so stay tuned!


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