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13 October, 2012

Summer Holiday in Italy #4

Capri is a tourist island. I think that is all you need to know in brief since the implication is that everything is inflated for tourists. When I heard we were going to Capri, the first thing that came to mind was the Caligula film where his great uncle Emperor Tiberius had a villa filled with unusual 18SX activities. Although not shown in the film, he would also execute people he didn't like by throwing them of the many cliffs of the island. Sounds bad? That was just history, now Capri is very similar to Langkawi island, a luxurious island paradise attracting celebrities like Mariah Carey to make Capri their vacation home.

There is no surprise, this place as close to paradise as anyone can get.
After having breakfast at the hotel, we were supposed to take a bus to Marina Grande to meet up with a boat driver who was going to bring us around the island. Unfortunately he had our booking delayed to afternoon and we were left with nothing to do until then. The girls spontaneously decided to swim in the hotel swimming pool while the boys explore Anacapri town. Unlike Capri town, Anacapri town is much smaller and has fewer tourist sights.
Instead of the front of Chiesa di Santa Sofia, I prefer its 16th century portion of the building.
The Cassa Rosa used to be home to an American colonel. Now it is a museum which preserved all his belongings and the buildings distinctive red exterior.
We didn't visit the Punta Carena lighthouse, so here are the souvenirs sold at the shops in Anacapri town.
After having lunch in the town center, we took a bus down to Marina Grande to meet the boat driver. I don't remember the fare for the ride but I seem to remember that it is sort of a rip-off because we were brought back to Marina Grande much earlier than we were supposed to. But on the bright side, he was quite friendly despite not speaking English very well. I heard that other groups who visited Capri hired a boat to drive around the island on their own. Personally I prefer having a boat driver because none of us have driven a boat before and we had no idea where we were supposed to find all those tourist landmarks. So here are some pictures taken from the boat.
Many tourist queue up along the stairs and on individial boats outside Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave), one of the most popular sites in Capri which I didn't enter.
Punta Carena seen from the boat.
The driver also drove skillfully into the narrow Grotta Verde (green cave) where some of us could actually swim there (I was scared because it was really deep).
Marina Piccola used to be the main port until Marina Grande on the other side of the island was built.
Faraglioni is a group of 3 natural rock formations, 1 attached and 2 other stacks lined up side by side. The boat driver even took us through the center stack (Mezzo) several times.
Before returning to Marina Grande, the driver pointed out a perculiar statue known as the Scugnizzo Napoletena aka statue of a Neapolitan street child which welcomes guests to Capri island.
After going round the island, I still feel Marina Grande is the most beautiful.
By the time we got back to where we started, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner before returning to Anacapri. Like the previous night, most of us had fresh seafood in all our meals and they were kinda expensive. My friend also tried out a lemon alcohol beverage called Limoncello which is popular in southern Italy because their lemon are just delicious to begin with. Yes, lemons there are sweet and tasty. I had basic lemonade, which was one huge lemon squeezed in water with only a teaspoon of sugar and it was fantastic!!! Can't say the same for the limoncello since my friends say it tastes like vodka with only a hint of lemon... thanks to its 31% ethanol content.
Grain alcohol is used to extract the lemon flavous from the zest.
The next day we visited the look out point of Monte Solaro which is one of the highest points in Capri. The ride up to the top is probably special for it was my first chairlift ride. For those who have the fear of heights, just try not to look down or you will have a heart attack!
There are only two safety features, a flimsy bar and tilting the seat backwards slightly, that's it!
The view from the top is nice, but pale in comparison to the boat ride (I know, not a very fair comparison).
To me those are just lots of white buildings, nothing much really! I got to see them get smaller as we ascended to the peak...
To me most sides look almost the same, but this side is the most phenomenal to me.
There is a cafe there with this Roman Caligula feel to it.
Oh yes, before I forget, the owner of the hotel actually caught us having the additional 2 in our group sneaking in and out and charged us the full 11 person price just as we were checking out (really a cunning old man!!!). To be honest, I didn't agree with this 11 people in 9 beds plan from the beginning and I was glad this experience taught the planners a lesson... or at least I hope they learnt their lesson.

Our next and final stop is the greatest, the biggest, the uber-fantas-aweso-licious ROMA!!! To be continued...


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