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17 January, 2010

P109's MS Project

What more can I say? Hazwan's posters are simple fabulous!
We will be having our Malaysian Studies Project on 5 February 2010 (Friday) in Lecture Theatre 2 at 5pm. The drama entitled Not An Ordinary Love is a short play about a love story between the characters in the poster.

With just a petty RM2 entrance fee (which is not even enough to buy a bowl of noodle), you would be brought into another world, a world with colours, music, dances and food from all three major races of Malaysia. A full cast of P109 students helmed by Gary and Azleen will be performing then, so how could you miss this opportunity to witness the fusion of cultures and traditions into one spectacular story?

So come join us as we bring you to the world of
Dim Sum, Belacan and Chapati!


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