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16 January, 2010

Uni-3-disaster week 9+10 report

I've missed another 2 weeks of blogging in preparation for P110 orientation and class tests.
***Just a preview of this post, there will be 7 videos and many pictures here.

Week 9 and 10 were very eventful and interesting weeks, probably the most eventful for P109-ians only because we were welcoming our juniors, the P110 in a 2+6 days orientation. Known as the "P109's Biggest Project" quoted from P109's blog, preparations started around the beginning of our Sem3 which was 1.5 months before the real event.
I was placed in charge of the video section comprising of only one member *so sad*. Making orientation videos was a real challenge for me since it was the first time I ever produce a fictional story behind the video camera and the computer screen. Though I have made a couple of slide show styled videos, making a motion picture is a different world all together.

The story was divided into 2 parts, the Treasure Hunt part and the Detective Game part. So for this orientation, I've made 8 videos with total of ~1 hour worth of presentable footage and more than 4 hours of raw footage, taking more than 23GB from my computer's hard disk drive *ouch!*. All videos will be available on Youtube very soon... username: nandafry

  1. Introduction Video 8:08
  2. Teaser Trailer 1:21
  3. Treasure Hunt Video 9:16
  4. Detective Game Start Video 4:05
  5. Seniors-Juniors Meeting Video 5:07
  6. Detective Game Finale Video 6:39
  7. Orientation Sum-up Video 18:10
  8. Z Making of Video 5:51

Seniors-Juniors Meeting Video
*Spoiler Alert*
The story written by Ridhwan together with other game masters and BoDs entitled Darkness Is ARound You was simply brilliant. The story tells about a drug called Chemical X which was shown in the beginning of the Treasure Hunt video as a normal commercial cosmetic modification drug, but we bring the viewer back to its development stage whereby 4 scientists were testing this proto-drug on a subject known as Subject 101. The drug testing went terribly wrong and turned Subject 101 into a flesh eating monster. Several innocent civilians felt prey to this abomination, this includes one of the scientist involved in the experiment, Scientist A.

Fortunately, that scientist managed to escape from a "nesting ground" where the monster prepares to feast of its victims. At this time, Scientist A met up with the other scientists to inform them about this nesting ground which was where the other 3 victims were located and also could be a source of a cure for the monster. The juniors were then tasked to assist those scientists to find the nesting ground.

After the finding the nesting ground, it seems that one of the scientists found out that the movement of the monster was getting more systematic and that one of his/her colleagues has formulated a new drug named Chemical Y which gives him/her the power to control the monster's actions through his/her thoughts. The evil scientist was seen writing a diary in a dark room with the monster, now identified as Darkness, by his/her side. Suddenly, glass shattering sounds could be heard from outside the room and the owner orders Darkness to see what has happened through his/her thoughts. After a long while, the owner was frustrated by Darkness's incompetence and carelessly left the room without taking his/her diary. Five minutes later, the owner returns to the room to find that his/her diary has gone missing. Both the owner and Darkness chased after the scientist, resulting in the lost of several pages from the diary containing clues to the identity of the mastermind. The juniors were again tasked find the missing pages to identify evidence to proof the identity of the mastermind.

I will not continue the story from here to keep the climax on hold. You can find out the answers in the video below.

Besides orientation videos, I've also made several playful SS (Syok Sendiri) videos from recordings of my batch mates throughout the orientation. This is when you see how SS P109 students can be, except me of course... =P

SS video 1

SS video 2

SS video 3

This is going to tarnish our image as seniors right? But who care, it's human nature... lol

As promised, these are the pictures of all 8 groups in the P110 Orientation.
Group 1: Mamak Mee
Group 2: Boom Boom Boom
Group 3: Super Mighty Lions
Group 4: Warriors
Group 5: Donkey Kong
Group 6: BumbleBee
Group 7: Kia Su
Group 8: Demons

and lastly...
the entire orientation group photo


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