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24 January, 2010

Uni-3-disaster week 11 report

Physical Pharmacy class test is finally over, my hopes are not anywhere high. It is time to change my focus to another tricky subject, Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Just by looking at my senior's long report, I'm starting to fear the worst. But life has to go on, so I'll try to go on with it. But let me show you what I've done throughout the week in photos.

this is called "study stress"!
to release stress, we started playing with things around us. In this case, May Hwa got a free manicure from Chiew Vien.
We became very observant. There were 4 spidermen cleaning the windows of the library.
We did the Guinea Pig Ileum experiment with histamine and mepyramine too.
something else regarding Malaysian English standards. I bought a bowl of noodle from our cafeteria and got this card.
Promee anyone?

I've finally completed my categorizing of all orientation videos into a folder I'd named as "DVD". It will contain all of Darkness Is ARound You, videos throughout the orientation and most importantly, the highlights of the finale night including T.N.O.D, IMU Cheer Club, Alpha Q and P108's sketch. Everything will be burned in one DVD and will be circulated one per group. I've even made a cover for the DVD, check it out!

Nice leh! The back cover was stolen from Hazwan's booklet cover. Sorry for not being original!!!

I've also edited another music video using Rihanna's Russian Roulette.

I don't think there is anything else to say, so bye bye!


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