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04 November, 2012

H&N October

Recently I attended the first interview I have ever had in my life at the SPA. In order to apply for a job as a pharmacist, I had to get approval from 3 government departments, the Public Service Commission (SPA), the Pharmacy Board (LFM) and the Ministry of Health (KKM). Weeks before the interview, many of my friends who have gone for it told me that it was very easy and was almost a confirmed pass assuming I have a basic grasp of the job and general knowledge. I was really chilled out for that time.

Then three-four days before the SPA interview, a friend asked me about my preparation and introduced a few websites as reference. I had a sudden mental breakdown when I started reading. I did not know I was so unprepared, so I started writing notes, memorizing notes and revising my pharmacy stuff. Then came the day of the interview. I joined a bunch of my friends at the Putrajaya office where we were having the interview. There was only one room for pharmacy applicants and I was number 9 in the list, so assuming each applicant took 20 minutes, I would have to wait for 3 hours before my turn. Initially the first few applicants took more than 30 minutes to finish and I was worried they were "interrogated". However after the third applicant, subsequent numbers started moving faster and faster, the interviewers probably realized that they were rushing for time. In a blink of an eye, it was my turn already.

The interview went quite smooth for me. The SPA officer asked me about qualities needed to be a good pharmacist and I stumbled for a while but somehow managed to answer confidently later on. I was also asked about the number of languages I could speak and how fluent I was as them. I suddenly had the feeling that the interviewer noticed my not-so-proficient BM... haha! I will try to improve myself. The KKM officer was really nice to me throughout the interview. She asked me which department I preferred to work in the health ministry and proceeded to ask me more about the role of BPFK based on my response. The part that I was worried about was when the SPA officer started a long line of questions pertaining the NKRA and its role in preventing corruption. I was caught off guard with those questions especially when he asked me to define corruption. I did not know the specific definition, so I went ahead to quote an example, which he acknowledged but told me to read more about it. Phew... I was done with it finally!!! *and I passed! Yay*
On a totally different note, my lecturer and final year project supervisor Mr Ian Towle was here in KL a few days ago. We have been corresponding via e-mail for some time and I decided to organize a meeting for him with a group of friends at Bangsar. I met him at IMU after work and I brought him to have banana leaf rice at Restoran Sri Nirvana Maju with 7 others. I was glad he enjoyed Indian food very much, in fact he mentioned that he loved Malaysian food so much that he had used his phone to take photos of them to show his students back in Glasgow.
I forget to mention that I finally went balik kampung to Penang for a week in early October. It was nothing but eating and sleeping there. So I decided to reboot my blog to what you see for the last 10-11 posts. Now you know why I made so many posts in October. Not that Penang is a boring place, just that I didn't see a reason to go out other than for food.

I think that's all for the month, hopefully November would be more interesting!!!


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