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19 November, 2012

The Magic Number 3

I am back to write about movies again. This time it is about trilogies. Trilogies are very common forms of making 2 sequels after the success of the original, making them somewhat connected with same characters, similar storylines and hopefully it becomes a successful franchise. Obviously this is not an easy task because most of the time the first successful movie would be well wrapped up on its own. Others like the original Star Wars movie, now dubbed A New Hope, was written to be a prologue by George Lucas in hopes for bigger budget to make a better sequel. In his case, 2 sequels and 3 prequels and a huge franchise.

There are many "holy grails" of trilogies. Nowadays with remakes and reboots, many trilogy sets have now broken their magic 3, but I will only count those classics and ignore those new ones.

1. Back to the Future Trilogy

Have you ever seen a movie where the end is not only a cliffhanger but a trailer for the next movie, which was made back to back? That was the confidence those film makers had when they were making Back to the Future II. This trilogy is and will always be the greatest time travel story in history. The characters were all memorable, the story was well written and the visuals are spectacular. Many fans were not happy about the third movie due to its odd setting in the late 19th century instead of the 1950s and 1980s in the first two movies. But to me, all three were well connected and Michael J Fox totally did not age a bit throughout the 5 years of film release (1985, 1989, 1990).

2. Star Wars Original Trilogy
Ignore the blunder of the prequel trilogy (I don't hate them, just can't match the original), this is probably the most well known trilogy ever. I have been a Star Wars fan all my life. The first time I ever watched this trilogy was from VHS tapes recorded from local TV. It was during movie nights back in '95 or '96 when my parents and I used to watch movies on the floor in our old 14" TV. When the special edition came out in 1997, my father bought the whole set and we watched it again. I was so excited that I even begged my parents to get me a toy of an X-wing and Tie fighter rotating around a Death Star laser turret from the KFC kids meal. Come to think of it now, I think I have watched all of them roughly 50 times each, so that's how awesome this trilogy is to me and I think to the world all together.

3. Indiana Jones Trilogy
OK, once again ignore the latest Indiana Jones movie. Like Star Wars, I have also watched this trilogy during movie nights with my parents. With a pairing of Lucas and Spielberg, the two legendary directors and producers, nothing would go wrong right? ahem... Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... ahem. Nevertheless the Indiana Jones trilogy was a tribute to the classic western heroes and James Bond, another of my favourites. I think my love for James Bond gave me that appreciation for this trilogy as well.

4. Jurassic Park Trilogy
It is sad that many people didn't know there was a third Jurassic Park movie. The first one was a legendary one, the second was good but not as good as the first, and the third was actually not as bad as everyone says it was, definitely worst than the first two. In contrast to the first 3 trilogies in the list, this was made during my time, I mean the '90s. Jurassic Park and The Lost World were a demonstration of how special effects can make wonders in movies if used properly. Jurassic Park III was nominated for a Razzie award for Worst Remake or Sequel in 2001, not that it is a bad thing since The Lost World was also nominated for the same award in 1997, both were decent movies worth watching for nostalgic value. Who could forget Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum's performance in those movies?

5. Terminator Trilogy
I don't think I have used the word "ignore" enough in this post. As far as I am concern, Terminator Salvation does not count as a sequel but more as a stand alone movie, so it doesn't count. On the other hand, the first three Terminator movies are still the best, especially Terminator 2 which is still arguably the best sequel ever made in any franchise. Despite what most people dislike about Terminator 3, about how it was unnecessary and how it ruined the first two, it was still a decent entry and had many memorable scenes, especially those amazing action sets. As of now, the Terminator franchise is on a decline. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled after only 2 seasons and the rights to the franchise have been bouncing back and forth off production companies spreading rumours of potential projects but none were official so far. My fanboy hopes are for James Cameron to return to make another Terminator, 3D or not.

6. Robocop Trilogy
I remember when I was 6 years old, I was practicing my piano at home one evening while waiting for my parents to come back for dinner. When my parents came back, they gave me box with a 'robot toy' as I used to call it. Later that night we watched the first Robocop and I realised how cool this talking toy was. I remember it used to say "Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law." whenever I pressed a button on his chest. Unfortunately while I was playing with it another day, I accidentally spilled some milk over it and the button stopped working. Even till today, it is still standing at my study table staring at me with some gold paper stickers stuck on it *made him look like an Oscar statue for a play once*. Now watching it again more than 15 years later, I noticed how violent and realistic these movies were after watching the scene where the title character was shot to death in the first movie. I was X rated in the US for violence at that time and my parents probably showed me the child-friendly version 16 years ago. After seeing snapshots of the upcoming remake, I wonder whether any of its late '80s early '90s charm can be recovered.

7. Star Trek Trilogy
There is actually no such thing as a Star Trek trilogy, or at least not officially, since there were all together 11 movies so far and 2 to 6 were numbered. As far as fans are concern, Star Trek The Motion Picture, or Star Trek 1 was a stand alone movie which launched a series of movies whereas Star Trek II had a storyline which continued in two subsequent films. The Wrath of Khan is without doubt the best Star Trek movie made in history thus far not because of its links to the original series episode 'Space Seed' but its military outlook of the future and homage to famous literature such as Moby Dick and Hamlet. Star Trek III and IV were directed by Leonard Nimoy who turned Star Trek into a space opera and then an environmental propaganda which somehow linked from Star Trek II. Way to go, Spock! The first Star Trek movie I watched was Star Trek First Contact in 1996. That was after hours of watching Star Trek The Next Generation with my father as a child. Then I stumbled upon a VHS tape labelled "Star Trek Movie" in a drawer under my TV. The movie in the VHS tape was Star Trek V. That was when I realised that there were that many Star Trek movies out there.

 After doing these trilogies thing, I found that there are too many trilogies to cover in one post. So these are just the ones that I remember from my childhood. Others like The Godfather Trilogy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Austin Powers Trilogy or The Dollars Trilogy were not part of of my childhood, so I am not particularly familiar with them.


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