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27 November, 2012

London Solo Trip #3 Soho

London's entertainment district... AWESOME!!!
After resting for 2 hours, I got up fresh and ready to explore London Soho by foot. My first stop was obviously Piccadilly Circus since it was practically at the doorstep. I read about Piccadilly Circus and things to look out that people normally don't see. There are tonnes of pictures and articles about the main section, but not many noticed 3 golden women jumping off the building because most were taking photos of the Horse of Helios at the fountain below.
The Three Graces made of gold plated aluminium
Then I went along Coventry Street to Leicester Square where I explored the M&M store. I have nothing much to add about that huge and colourful candy store that has not been said by others. Leicester Square was crowded as always, but one thing that was prominent was that Odeon Cinema was surrounded by a large crowd and there was a big stage in the middle labelled "MIB3". It was the premiere screening of Men In Black 3 starring Will Smith and I was psyched. The event was about to start after I got a few photos of the surroundings. I managed to squeeze myself among the crazy fans around with my tiny figure and got a close encounter with Will Smith himself, too bad those fans around me were chaotic and I couldn't get a decent photo of him.
This was before any VIP arrived
To my surprise, the crowd dispersed quite rapidly after all the commotion when the VIP were around. I walked towards Charing Cross Road and turned into a small alley called Cecil Court. At first it may seem like a regular street but knowing that it has a rich Victorian shop and was Mozart's residence in London gave it a nice calm atmosphere away from London's modern landscape. Another trivia is that this place was widely believed to be the inspiration for film makers when designing Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies.
Drop by Colin Narbeth & Son Ltd. for some Harry Potter money!
I enjoyed the view of Chinatown, but it has nothing I haven't seen before
It was dinner time and after a stroll along Chinatown, I stopped by a restaurant called Soho Joe for dinner along Dean Street. They served contemporary Italian food at a reasonable price and is popular among the working class. I had their meal of the day which was the spicy lamb burger.
They also serve stonebaked pizza and an assortment of pasta
I know London Soho is much larger than the places I explored. The reason I had dinner earlier was to get to other landmarks before it was dark. My next destination after the wonderful dinner was to explore Westminster Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridge for a sunset view.
For those of you who want to see the spicy lamb burger.

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