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30 November, 2012

London Solo Trip #6 Tour & Transfer

This was the path we took.
Up to this point, I haven't even seen much of London's main attractions besides those around Westminster bridge, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. I read about this tour company that specialises in tours in most major cities in Europe called SANDEMANs NewEurope. What they normally do is provide a free basic tour of the city and advertise their other tours throughout the basic tour. Though basic, these tours can be very interesting and informative for people like me and most tourists.
I think the guide's name is Doron, please correct me if I am wrong here.
I mentioned in the previous post that I managed to arrive just in time while the tour guide was about to introduce himself. To my surprise, there were roughly 30 people there for the tour, most of them were from the US and Australia, there was also one family from China. Although this was a free tour, the tour guide was very energetic, probably to impress the group so that they would give him hefty tips. The guide will boast that this tour will visit three and a half palaces, Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Palace of Westminster and the half was the remains of Palace of Whitehall after the fire destroyed most of it in 1698, now occupied by government offices. I don't think I want to explain the whole tour because I am obviously not as good as these people. So if you want a basic London tour, just travel to Wellington Arch at one of the two starting times and have a good time. **so SANDEMANs, where is my advertising tip? jk jk**
If timing is right, the guardhouse outside St James Palace could be interesting too.
If you noticed in the map, the tour ends at the George V Statue between Westminster Abbey and Jewel Tower. After that, I explored the zone a little longer and took lots of photos before travelling to Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel to transfer my luggage to the Malaysia Hall in Bayswater. The Malaysia Hall is located along Queensborough Terrace and the nearest tube stations are Bayswater Station on the Circle and District line and Queensway Station on the Central line, both are around 10-15 minutes walk away. By the time I arrived at the Malaysia Hall, checked in and settled myself in my room, I was tired and hungry already. Information online about the Malaysia Hall gave many reviews about the amazing canteen at the basement level of the hall which serves standard Malaysian food.
At that time I had been in the UK for almost a year and although we do have Malay food at the hostel once in a while, the anticipation for Nasi Lemak with Rendang was still mouth watering. The food there wasn't anywhere close to excellent food in Malaysia, but I was still satisfied. I ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang with a glass of Teh Tarik and it only cost £4.50, very reasonable for exotic food in London. Some of my friends said that other Malaysian restaurants such as Rasa Sayang at Chinatown and Jom Makan at Trafalgar Square are better, my responds will always be "I am going back to Malaysia in 2 months, do you think they are better than those in Malaysia?". DUH!!!
Feels so cozy and nice to have my own room...
By the way, did I mention about the room I got at the Malaysia Hall? I had one whole room with an attached bathroom/toilet all for myself. It wasn't very big but who cares, I had privacy and it only £21.56 for two nights. So nice to be a Malaysian student in UK! It was so comfortable that I fell asleep almost immediately after revising my itinerary for the next day. I almost forget to take out my blue shirt in preparation for Stamford Bridge Stadium.
Bear in mind I was there on 18th May, imagine the atmosphere there!

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