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02 December, 2012

London Solo Trip #7 Blue Harvest

In London, there are parks huge enough for swans to enjoy themselves.
This is the start of another new day, so I made another list of things I planned to do before I started.

  1. Visit Stamford Bridge Stadium.
  2. Visit Bank of England, Monument and Leadenhall Market.
  3. Have lunch at Borough Market, London Bridge.
  4. Get a glimpse of Vauxhall Bridge and SIS headquarters.
  5. Take a boat ride along Thames.
  6. Take a stroll along Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street.
First of all, I didn't accomplish all these in order, in fact I had to rearrange them to include more. The weirdest thing is that the day began with a rearrangement. To be honest, I was really blur that morning and I was so excited to start off that I left the hall at 8am. My problem was that my first destination after breakfast was Fulham Broadway station which was just down the District line from Bayswater station. My off-peak day pass didn't start operational till 9.30am. So I had more than an hour to roam around Kensington Gardens and Palace area. I don't have much so say about the garden other than it is huge and crowded even during weekdays. I was also the first time I saw swans at a close range, I could actually feed them if I had food with me!
Anyway I entered the station the moment the off-peak pass was operational and zoomed straight to Fulham Broadway station, which was only a 5 minutes walk away from Stamford Bridge stadium's Britannia gate. For those who want to visit the stadium and the museum, the ticket and souvenir shop is at the North side behind Matthew Harding Stand labelled "Stadium Tours and Museum". The entrance fee for both tour and museum with student discount was £13. I have been to 4 football museums by this point and I must say that this is the biggest and most comprehensive of all, so if you are a Chelsea fan or just a football person like me, it is a must see.
I forget to mention that there was a Danone childrens' football game on too.
The tour itself was also very comprehensive compared to other stadiums I have been. If you pay attention to my previous post, you would notice that the day I visit Stamford Bridge was the day before the UEFA Champions League Finals in which they were up against FC Bayern Munich at Fußball Arena München a.k.a. Allianz Arena. **Spoiler: Chelsea beat Bayern 4-3 in the penalty round to win, what a sad ending!** I didn't expect the atmosphere at the stadium to be so hyped up since the finals was in Germany and not in this stadium. The tour guide was spouting out facts about how Bayern couldn't stand a chance with Chelsea even if they were at home grounds and how awesome Chelsea players were ready for any challenge. As usual the tours goes around changing rooms for home and away, all four stands, players tunnel and hot physio staff Eva Carneiro's station "I didn't expect that to be an attraction!!!". By the way, why were there so many PS3s and Xbox 360s around the stadium?
Fancy changing room with surround sound and TVs everywhere!
The tour ended at the megastore which has two floors, the top floor has all the jerseys and T-shirts while the bottom floor has all other items like posters and keychains. I didn't stay for long to look at their products because most of them were about celebrating their UEFA victory even before the match started. I left Fulham Broadway for my next destination which was Monument station near Bank of England. One thing I have to mention about Monument station is that the tube map shows three dots linked together at this point, but in actual fact there are 5 stations which are quite far apart, so you might want to take that into consideration when connecting from one line to another.
I didn't go up the monument, I heard there is a good view from the top.
I got down at Monument station on the District line and the Monument to the Great Fire of London was just a few steps from the exit. There was another tourist location called Leadenhall Market which was 500m away from the monument. Leadenhall Market is another tourist attraction like Cecil Court at Soho known for its appearance as Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies, but this was not an inspiration, the market was a set for the first movie.
Notice little Harry and young Hagrid?
The last stop before lunch was the Bank of England museum. Personally I love to collect vintage money, I am not a hardcore collector but I have little box with old Malaysian/Malayan notes/coins and another with old foreign currency. The Bank museum entrance is located just around the corner of the main entrance and is heaven for money collectors like me. Unfortunately they do not allow photography and they have an extensive security check at the entrance and exit. I didn't spend much time going through the museum because I was getting really hungry and it was almost 1.30pm already.
As you can see, everyone eats everywhere!
Then I traveled to Borough market near London Bridge for lunch and I really recommend getting lunch there because there are lots of amazing food shops there selling sandwiches, kebabs and other stuff for reasonable prices. I had a delicious sandwich from The Guildable Manor for £4.80, quite a good deal, no wonder there was a queue! I also got a cup of java at Monmouth Coffee, known for being the best in London. The coffee was good but I personally prefer espresso shots like the one from Tazza D'Oro in Rome.
I haven't seen such a long queue for coffee before...
To be continued in the next post!
Bonus picture: Petr Čech's original Canterbury headguard, or as I call it, Vader's helmet!

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