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13 December, 2012

H&N Christmas

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas?

Santa Claus?
Christmas Tree?
Baby Jesus?
Small eyed me dressed as Santa?
I am not a Christian, in fact I am one who thinks that Christmas is just one big fat lie by parents to keep kids disciplined, which somehow evolved to a multi-billion dollar idea to sell gifts and toys. But I am not totally against this colourful holiday, I like to see those bright decorations and I love Christmas food. I am not really a fan of stuffed turkey, but I love the cookies and candy. Besides, Christmas is a holiday where family and friends gather to have a big feast together, how can I dislike that?
Cookies from last year's early Christmas party in Glasgow.
The best thing that comes from Christmas to me are awesome movies. I am not referring to movies like Santa Claus, Home Alone or Grinch, my first impression of Christmas movies is John McClane. I heard they are coming with another Die Hard soon. But of course Die Hard 1 and 2 are the only ones with Christmas themes and are awesome as always. I had the chance to watch those two movies at a young age and even after watching them dozens of times, the ending scenes of both movies where the John and Holly reunite with Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! by Vaughn Moore still puts a smile on my face every time.
Yippee Ki yay, mother@#$%er
oh ya! and Mr Bean!!! He is and will always be slapstick comedy god to me although he only had 15 episode of Mr Bean. Too little for a brilliant comedian like him. Where is Rowan Atkinson now? 
You know what is the perfect Christmas combination? No no, not nice gifts under a huge Christmas tree and beautiful decorated ornaments. I'd rather spend more effort on having a complete Christmas dinner with family and friends, munch on Christmas cookies while laughing at Merry Christmas Mr Bean episode, then after the kids go to sleep, start the Die Hard 1 and 2 marathon! Additional bonus if there is snow outside. *Sob sob sob...* I wish I am still in Glasgow now!
Snow can be so beautiful even near an ugly James Blyth Court.
On a side note, I just won 2 contests in a row recently. The first one was a second prize for The Big Bang Theory slogan contest by HyppTV and another was Nuffnang's Premiere Screening of Jack Reacher. Thank you HyppTV and Nuffnang!!! My parents kept saying that I somehow have luck with these competitions. My principle of joining competitions or doing anything for that matter is
"If you try, there is a chance.
If you don't try, it is impossible."
Now that I think about it, I also won tickets for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last year, also a Tom Cruise movie, what a coincidence! So if you are going for the Jack Reacher premiere screening, see you there!
50 and still going strong!

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