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31 December, 2012

Retrospectacular 2012

Hey kids, "Retrospectacular" is not a real word, so don't use it in your essay in school.

ret·ro·spec·tac·u·lar [re-truh-spek-tak-yuh-ler]
1. to refer; to contemplate; to look back on dramatically daring or thrilling event: a retrospectacular concert.
2. contemplation of the past impressive, large-scale display: another retrospectacular.

Usually when it comes to the end of a year, most of us tend to form a list of new year resolutions. Looking at my past resolutions, I can only make one conclusion: IT DOESN'T WORK! Last year when I was in Glasgow, I made a resolution to lose 5kg over 2012 after losing around 5kg in the first six months away from home. What's amazing was that I lost 5kg without doing any vigorous exercises or follow any strict diet plans. The only change was that I had to walk regularly to buy groceries and to lectures instead of travelling by car in Malaysia. I felt much healthier that time and was motivated to start a more intensive dieting and more frequent cardio exercise routine. So for the first 3-4 months of this year, I ate less fatty foods, more protein and did some basic exercise on a daily basis. To my surprise, I did not lose any weight whatsoever!!!
This was my standard lunch, one chicken thigh with soup.
I prefer a contemplation, a retrospectacular to looks at my past year. So only spectacular things will be in this list to keep it short and hopefully... sweet.

2012: Year of Culinary Experiments
In Glasgow, I had the freedom in the kitchen to make whatever I wanted to make, whenever I want to make. Of course most of the time we cook our regular meals there, but sometimes when I cook meals for myself, I tend to try out some of my own little experiments such as cooking Bolognese spaghetti with blue cheese, making Char Siew and Siew Yoke, mixing my own coleslaw and packing blue cheese and chicken breast sandwich. I found that many people think cooking is a chore, at times it can be enjoyable, especially knowing that there will be a tasty product at the end to satisfy my appetite.

2012: Year of Travelling
Sampling of places I've visited in 2012
I have visited 10 countries in my life so far, 5 of which I visited in 2012. I think I enjoy travelling a lot, probably more than I thought I would. You can read about them from posts under my #WalkALOT label. Every place I visited was an interesting story on its own that could be shared with my children the way my dad shared his Europe travel stories with me.

Places I visited this year are:
1. Edinburgh, Scotland.
8. Zurich, Switzerland.
2. St Andrews, Scotland.
9. Interlaken, Switzerland.
3. London, England.
10. Innsbruck, Austria.
4. Dundee, Scotland.
11. Munich, Germany.
5. Isle of Skye, Scotland.
12. Linz, Austria.
6. Glencoe, Scotland.
13. Vienna, Austria.
7. Cologne, Germany.
14. Paris, France.

Among those, I think my favourites are Isle of Skye, London and Interlaken. Isle of Skye and Interlaken for their breathtaking views and London for the atmosphere.
Isle of Skye gets my Number One recommendation!!!
2012: Year of Stress
I am sure everyone should recognize that the final year in university life is always the craziest, most hectic and chaotic time in study life. My study desk was like a place where I eat, sleep, study and mourn over the tonnes of material needed to study. In addition to the usual final exams were those mandatory essays, tests and presentations which also contributed to my boiling stress level. But all that effort paid off with the next...

2012: Year of Graduation
In kilt!!! 
After studying for close to four year of tertiary education, I have finally graduated with Master of Pharmacy. So now I am going to be an official working man already!!! One sad thing is that after studying for four years with the same group of friends, we have formed a strong bond which will soon be torn apart when all of us get posted to hospital all over the country. I am glad I had a bunch of great comrades who were all pursuing the same challenging goal.

Since I am starting a new phase of my life next year, I predict it will be even more spectacular... so may you have a


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