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04 December, 2012

London Solo Trip #8 Monopoly Failure

Even the pier looks classy!
Wow! It is part 8 already? I am still at afternoon of day 3 in London. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had lunch beside Southwark Cathedral near London Bridge. It was almost 3pm and I had to rush a bit to catch the last hop on hop off river cruise at Westminster Millennium Pier next to Westminster Bridge. Once again I was running like a mad man and I arrived at the pier mere minutes before the cruise left. There was a ⅓ discount when I presented my travelcard, so the final cost was £6.35 for unlimited travel along the Circular Cruise route.
Have a look at this checklist, I mean check board!
Before I write about the cruise, I must mention that I have a desire to visit every place on the Monopoly board, or at least all 22 streets and 4 railway station. I have to say I did a horrible job in fulfilling that desire, the cruise is one of my efforts to complete the board. Now I know how ridiculous that plan was. I personally had no regret in taking the cruise, in fact the experience of walking in the footsteps, or rather the "boat"steps of James Bond in the opening scene of The World is not Enough was wonderful to say the least.
The first stop I made was at Embankment Pier. According to the cruise company website, there wasn't any landmark there. But I know after doing some research that there are 3 famous landmarks that I personally want to see there. The first was the Victoria Embankment Gardens which had many beautiful statues and classic work of art all surrounded by greenery. Then there was Savoy hotel, the most famous and prestigious hotel in London. And lastly there was the Somerset house that I mentioned in my first part. I allocated 40 minutes for myself to go for one round at Strand and Victoria Embankment in order to catch the next boat to Bankside Pier.
Saw this in so many movies, never expect myself to be there.
Bankside Pier can be described with 2 words, SCENIC on one side and ISTHATVULGAR on the other. The SCENIC side was of course the Millennium Bridge looking upon St Paul's Cathedral from a distance, it was just spectacular. The south side had an artistic old look because there was a huge old power station which was converted into the world's most visited modern art gallery. I didn't know it was an old power station, I thought they built it to look like someone giving me "the finger". At least I am sure that I have little to no taste in modern art.
Do you see it now?
The final pier was the one I anticipated the most, St Katherine's Pier. Not only did the whole surrounding look like what I see on the TV, the boat ride under the Tower Bridge was a dream come true. There was this.... feeling... I am literally lost for words now, words just can't describe my feeling at that time. It was like an achievement to me just to walk across the bridge once from St Katherine to the south side. I was so overwhelmed that I stopped at Southwark Bank outside the City Hall to sit and admire the view until it started to rain. Then I ran to the nearest tube station and travelled to Vauxhall station to see the SIS building.
This place is so modern, now with the Shard as the tallest building in UK.
Spoiler alert: I saw this building exploding twice, both in James Bond movies, guess which ones?
It was getting late and I had one last destination which was Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street. When I reached Oxford Circus, I couldn't find a restaurant that satisfied my taste. I continued to walk along Oxford Street and remembered that there was a fish and chip shop called the Golden Hind. It was not located on a main road but on Marylebone Lane, which I had lots of difficulty finding without a proper map. I read on the internet that it was the best in London and I can now prove it first hand, not by eating there but just by timing the waiting time to get a table. Believe or not it took me more than 15 minutes to realise that I was standing at the door waiting for a waiter to give me a number and another 30 minutes to get to the table. The queue was almost as long as the one at Monmouth Coffee shop and my stomach has not made so much noise since... it has never made that much noise before!!!
See the guys under the shed next to Gibson Reeds, I was there.
Scampi and Chips, the fastest meal they could serve at that night...
Then I returned to Malaysian Hall, then the same routine goes on... take my bath, revise my itinerary, stare at the ceiling... morning already!!!


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