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17 December, 2012

H&N November

You know the funny thing about my blog recently, I made a Christmas post before my November post...
Anyway November was the most eventful month I have had in a while. I went to Glasgow for my convocation, spent 2 weeks at home alone doing social networking and finishing some Buddhist video work. That doesn't sound like much but compared to the idling in the past few months, that was hectic!!!
Barony Hall is so grand!!!
So I planned a week long trip to Glasgow for my graduation ceremony and stayed with my mentee. Words can't really describe my feeling of staying back at my old house, cooking at my old kitchen and walking around Glasgow reminiscing the year I spent there. I also got to wear a kilt for my ceremony. How cool was that? The temperature outside was around 5°C and the breeze was blowing in my unprotected groin area... WOW! The ceremony was very grand, the hall was filled with families and friends and I invited Zamir and Guo Hong to the ceremony as guests as well. They also helped to stand in as my photographers of the day and did a wonderful job.

Just a few days before the graduation ceremony was my birthday. I had a chat with my parents through Skype the previous day and spent my day as usual. It was around 11pm when Zamir told me a friend was looking for me in the kitchen. Then I walked to the kitchen and they pulled out two birthday cakes to surprise me. I really appreciate their effort to celebrate my birthday when I was away from Malaysia. Thank you guys!
Thank you Zamir, Kang Wee, Seng Yang and Guo Hong :D
On the day before the ceremony, I met Kumar along the street while collecting my kilt and he invited me to join his family on a day trip to Oban the day after the ceremony since I was free. The tour took us to Oban as well as Inveraray, Glencoe and Inverarnan. The weather was horrible for the first half of the day, even until we reached Oban for lunch. Then after a short drizzle, the mist that was ruining all the photos were cleared but we were already on our way back to Glasgow. Kumar's family were all very friendly and their company was definitely a highlight of the trip.
Just hours before I reached Malaysia, my parents left for their India pilgrimage tour for 13 days. Of course this was not the first time I was left at home alone but it was really fun to have total freedom for 3 weeks including the Glasgow trip. I was so bored that I satisfied my time with social networking and also went for GSC free movie with Ivan and Rizdwan, this time was Skyfall!!! That's probably why I dedicated 2 recent posts to James Bond.

I think that's it! Hope you enjoyed it... read it while you can until next Friday #endoftheworld


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