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12 December, 2012

London Solo Trip #11 Aftermath

I don't hate you bed, I just have insomnia.
I read the past 10 posts about my London trip and I found that it ended on a bad note. When I returned to Glasgow, I didn't actually feel that down and unhappy, all I thought about was getting a rest. So the moment I got back to my room, I jumped straight to bed for a well deserved sleep. The weird thing was that I suddenly felt energetic and after staring at the ceiling for more than 15 minutes, I might as well be making good use of my time by unloading and reviewing my photos from my tiny red camera. Then when I walked to he kitchen to get something to drink, I found my kitchen and living room filled with packs of food. It was a total mess, almost as if someone had a chaotic party without opening any food.
Forget to introduce you to my makeshift coffee maker, I will go into that later.
Hours passed as I edited my photos with no urge to sleep whatsoever. Then my craving for coffee came and as soon as I finished a full cup of coffee, I started yawning and went to bed within minutes. *Another proof that coffee makes me sleep for some reason* By the way, you know the bad thing about sleeping in the morning, someone can just enter your room to wake you, especially if that someone doesn't have the habit of knocking. Where was I? Oh right, Chern Fei suddenly bashed himself into my room and woke me from my wonderful dream to make me prepare coleslaw for a barbecue party in the afternoon that he "supposedly told me yesterday" although I was in London then.
To be fair, it was a great getaway from the stressful finals we had less than a week before.
Great! Now I know why there was a mess in the kitchen and why I am still tired but can't seem to sleep in peace. Everyone was at the kitchen when I got out to make the coleslaw. The party was not bad, especially since it was planned just 1 or 2 days ahead. Almost all of the food in our kitchen and living room was used up over the day long party... and yes, it was from lunch all the way till dinner time non-stop feasting. They even organized several games, one of which I was not allowed to join because they said I would win... lol! How could I win every movie charades?
Charades on the lawn!!!
The other was modified Chubby Bunny, with cherry tomatoes.
So how was that for an ending to a 4 days 3 nights London Solo Trip? It took my mind off all the horrible memories of the previous day immediately. So now that I think about my whole trip, I have to say that it wasn't the best trip I have had, however I have gained more confidence in arranging an itinerary to be more flexible and less prone to mishaps like this one. My mom asked me a while ago whether I regretted travelling to and from London by bus, I answered very honestly "Yes". But it was an experience well worth the hardship, an experience of a lifetime I would probably never ever want to try again.


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