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20 December, 2012

H&N KaBoom!!!!

Remember this scene from the beginning of Star Trek VI.
I watched several documentaries of this crazy 2012 phenomenon a long long time ago when it was the hottest topic around, I think it was 2009 then. The Roland Emmerich movie was big in the cinemas too and Ivan and I managed to get free tickets to watch it weeks after it was released. Even then the cineplex hall was filled to the brim and both of us had to sit at the first few rows, bending our necks upwards for more than 2 hours.
Come to think of it, the movie is actually very entertaining. Obviously it was not an accurate prediction of things that could actually happen, but at least it shows a variety of human responses to a devastating situation. Some times when I read the news about people stocking up food in their shelters to prepare for D-day, I think to myself, if D-day is true, what difference can that make if the world is going to end? Do you think hiding in an underground shed with a bunch of supplies can prevent obliteration? Nice try!!! In fact over the course of history, Eschatology, the study of the end is common among religions. But in my opinion, why bother?
How cool would that be?
Since we are "going to die" anyway, I was thinking of cool ways to go. Would it be nice if destruction could be cool like in movies? There is this Japanese movie from 1968 called 怪獣総進撃, known in English as Destroy All Monsters which has all the famous kaiju monsters mashed into a huge brawl. Although the world didn't end in the movie, I am sure these guys would be more than capable of causing that if they wanted to. Hollywood movies in the past have been showing many scenarios that could lead to D-day too, remember Armageddon or The Core?
Can you tell I am fan of that Bruce Willis movie?
I almost forget the Terminator scenario. It would be crappy for us if we survive Skynet's nuclear escapade, but knowing that John Connor will be there somewhere in Los Angeles sending his father back to fight Arnold, then sending Arnold back to fight that guy from X-Files, then his wife sending Arnold back to fight that girl from Bloodrayne, and somehow look a lot like Bruce Wayne... That would be the coolest thing to ever happen!!! And yes, I am a Terminator fanatic too!!!

Who cares whether the world ends tomorrow?
As long as we have lived our lives fruitfully, we shouldn't have any regrets. Just look forward and come what may!!!


P.S.: I do not believe in this D-day based on Mayan calendar "shenanigan", so prove me wrong!
P.P.S.: Prepare for Facebook and Twitter to explode with #endoftheworld updates.
P.P.P.S.: Are you still reading this?

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